Strong Winds, Heavy Rain and …..snow?

Let’s be clear, this next storm will impact Southern New England with strong winds and periods of heavy rain.  However, there may be a period of snow for some areas….  Here is a collage of 6 differenct computer model outputs of accumulated snow.  We are looking at them all carefully, but it shows how challening a snow forecast can be…even minor snow events like this one.  It looks like we could see some snow initially Wednesday-Wednesday night before a changeover to all rain.  How much? There’s the potential for up to 2inches in the northwest hills of Rhode Island before rain takes over.  Nothing is carved in stone, so stay tuned! Tony may have his first snow accumulation tonight! -T.J. Del Santo

Snowfall Accumulations: NAM, GFS, RPM, VividCast, Adonis and Microcast computer models from 8am Tuesday.

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