Worst of Storm is Over, But Nasty Weather Continues

The accumulating snow has come to an end overnight, as warmer temperatures and some pockets of drier air have wrapped around the storm.  However, we are still getting occasional sleet and snow mixing in with the heavier rain showers this morning… and very strong winds continue.  In fact, the National Weather Service has extended the wind advisory for our area until 3pm today.. with numerous gusts over 40mph expected, leading to some power outages and tree damage.  The strongest winds will be in southeastern MA.

The transition to “plain” rain is expected by the end of the morning everywhere, with lingering rain showers and drizzle continuing through this afternoon and this evening.  Overall, with the wind whipping and rain falling it’s going to be a nasty, raw afternoon.

Here’s a look at the snowfall totals from yesterday:

Snow Totals

Major improvements by tomorrow with clearing skies and temperatures in the 50s… we’re still forecasting a major warm-up over the weekend with temperatures in the 60s by Sunday.


1 thought on “Worst of Storm is Over, But Nasty Weather Continues

  1. Michelle…watched you for the 1st time today. I am switching from 10. You are so much better than Smelly Bates…plus you have a nice derriere!

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