A Day Dedicated to Giving Back

Yesterday was one of the most heartwarming and inspiring days I have had in a while.

It all began with an appearance on The Rhode Show with the other Top 5 contestants. We had some very interesting discussions about the controversial nursing babydoll both on the show AND behind the scenes Click here to check out our discussion.

Next it was a trip to the studio to edit my assignment. I wasn’t 100% confident that I had obtained the appropriate footage- I’m an amateur and filming was a challenge – the wind was relentless and it even started to rain!

After a couple of hours of work with help from Will and editor Nick I was SO HAPPY with the outcome. When I saw the finished product  I felt so fulfilled because the story is so close to my heart and I got to meet some incredible local heroes and listen to their stories which ranged from funny to inspiring! My assignment will be aired on Veteran’s Day on The Rhode Show, so please let me know what you think!

After completing the video I headed straight to my office in East Greenwich to catch up on some things and then darted over to Dunkin Donuts to work behind the counter- something I’m very familiar with because I used to work at Dunkin Donuts! The turnout was INCREDIBLE and it made for a fun-filled afternoon.



I want to send a very sincere thank you to everyone who came by and donated. The half hour shift went by in the blink of an eye! So many of my friends, loved ones, family and supporters came out to work together to aid in the Hurricane Sandy Relief fund. Plus, it was fun to be back behind the counter at Dunkin- it sure brought back a lot of memories!

The final heartwarming event of the day was the Sargent Rehabilitation Center ‘Dinner is Served’ Gala. Sargent Center is a fantastic organization which offers rehabilitative care to disabled Rhode Islanders and support to their families. At the event I worked as a Celebrity Server to help raise money for the organization.


From left: Michael Naylor, The Amazing Race Season 16; Me; Lynn Hall, President of BoldRDash Obstacle Course 5K; Louie Stravato, The Amazing Race Season 16

I even ran into Louie Stravato from the Amazing Race who I had interviewed for my audition when I was in the Top 20! I was so excited to see him again, and even discovered he has a hidden talent.. check it out here !

Louie shares his talent to help raise money.

Now that I’m well rested after a busy week I’m so excited for my evening tonight because I get to take a little break to go see Elf, the musical at PPAC! Check out a few clips from the show!


‘Elf the Musical’ premieres at PPAC



The first week as a Top 5 Finalist has been the experience of a lifetime. It feels good to work towards something I’m so passionate about- I’m overcome with joy!

 The best part was helping to tell others’ stories – Watch the Rhode Show on Monday to see for yourself.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time.




For more information on Sargent Rehabilitation Center visit www.SargentCenter.org

For more information on the Rhode Island Red Cross visit www.redcross.org/ri

2 thoughts on “A Day Dedicated to Giving Back

  1. You’re a natural Ms. Albergaria. You make all of this sound like an adventure. This was so refreshing to read and I cant wait to see the Veterans day segment. I can tell that as you were going through your day, everyone you came in contact with left with a smile.

  2. Cassie, it was so much fun working with you at the Sargent’s Gala. What a FUN evening and for such a great cause. Meeting some of the families that benefit from the work Sargent Rehab does was the best part of the evening. (that, and dancing in your “Louie shares his talent to help raise money”, video!

    Lynn Hall
    Bold r Dash Race!!

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