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  • Ashley

    You guys were so surprised by the degree by which the democrats won? Why did none of you bring up the straight ballot lever? I think it’s funny dems keep shooting down the push to change this, like they’re base isn’t smart enough to vote for each candidate separately? Talk about insulting your electorate.

    • Marlboro Man

      Sounds like you are insulting the electorate. Your not happy with the end result, insult the electorate.

      Grow up and deal with defeat. It’s part of life.

      • Brett

        Marlboro Man,

        Ashley is right. The straight lever thing is archaic. We’re one of only three states to still do that. RI should get with the times. Sounds like the dems are scared people won’t actually vote for them if they had to vote each line. If their candidates are so good, (HA!) why wouldn’t they allow it?

    • Marlboro Man

      If that we’re the case, Doherty would have only 20% instead of his 40%

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