Coastal Storm Next Week..?

Good Evening from meteorologist Tony Petrarca

Weather next several days looks cool and dry as Canadian High pressure (a fair weather feature) is parked over us.  Yes… an ocean storm is likely off  the east coast next week (Monday-Weds). However, a lot of our model guidance is trending  further offshore and out to sea.  I don’t want to write off the threat completely yet…for now I am keeping clouds, sprinkles and breezy conditions in the forecast Monday and Tuesday due to a prolong fetch of damp easterly winds off the ocean.

The map below is one of our guidance models called the “European Model”. Its  has had a very good skill score of late, with its outstanding forecast of Hurricane Sandy, and the Nor’easter last week. This model shows the center of the storm (the circular blip of green on the map) tracking further out to sea.  Other long  range guidance models hint at this as well…which would mean complete miss or just a light grazing of showers and wind. Stay tuned for updates since we are still 4-5 days out with this weather feature…..Tony Petrarca

Data courtesy of WeatherBell Analytics

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