He’s a Pinball Wizard

“On your mark.  Get set.  GO!”

This past Tuesday, Will, Michaela and the Search for a Start Top 5 got to put their arcade gaming skills to the test at Dave and Busters.

“I’ll be back!”

Knees bent, hands up, and eyes ready.  As I stand on what looks like a Dance Dance Revolution board (yes, I do know that game) I suddenly realize that there will be no need for doing the moonwalk, YMCA, Charleston or Macarena…the only thing that will be necessary are my CAT LIGHT REACTIONS!  The object of the game was to tap the multiple buttons as they light up in front of you as fast as you could.  Whoever taps the most buttons in the allotted amount of time wins!  Who knew that tapping buttons as they light up would be so entertaining?  Well…now that I think about it….this is me I’m talking about…I love these mildly athletic, speed appropriate, and somewhat mindless games…so this “wacky light tapping game” was right up my alley.

Speed of Light

So far this experience has been absolutely amazing! From the people that I have met on assignments, to the knowledge that I have gained…I have to say that I am loving each and every moment of this competition.  There has not been a day (and I can’t see it happening in the future) where I am not FIRED UP to take part in whatever the Rhode Show has in store for me.  That seems to be the staple of my life, where I enjoy and love everything I do.  I attribute the reason to why this is because of the people and places I surround my life with.  Everyone and everything in my life I have chosen because I know it will make me happy.  Seems logical right?

In the light of this month being November Gratitude Month, I say thank you to the four finalists and Rhode Show cast and crew for making this experience so enjoyable.  I have to say that you all are some of the most genuine, kind, and accepting people I have ever met and I am honored to be in this competition with you all.  Thank you….thank you for everything!

Everyone, enjoy your week and I wish you all a thanksgiving full of gratitude.




Todd Stewart

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