H = Happy

When I go into schools to talk about weather and I explain to them about High Pressure and Low Pressure… I always say that when there’s an “H” on the weather map it usually means “happy” weather in that area—light winds, dry air, clear skies.  While the opposite of that–the “L” or low pressure is a storm center that brings “lousy” weather…. clouds, precipitation, gusty winds.

We are heading into a stretch of weather with a large, dominating area of High pressure–“Happy weather” –in control over the northeastern US.  That high will block storms from moving into the area and keep the weather quiet, dry and a bit cooler than normal through the weekend and possibly most of next week.  Not a bad outlook heading into Thanksgiving!

Saturday Morning Surface Map


We do need to continue to watch the coastal storm for the Tuesday-early Wednesday time frame.  As long as it stays on it’s forecast course and tracks well off-shore it will have very little impact on our weather.

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