GQ Street Style spotlights the fashionable men of Providence

Gentlemen of Providence, did you get stopped by a photographer sometime over the last month who admired your good taste in apparel? You may now be famous.

Rhode Island’s capital provides the pictures for GQ’s latest Street Style feature. “If you’re looking for outerwear inspiration, look no further than Providence, where we hit the streets to see how the city’s cold-weather experts tackle the winter chill,” the anonymous GQ caption-writer says.

The pictures were snapped by Grant Heinlein, a Kansas City native who’s now a sophomore at RISD studying graphic design. He said a friend who attends Yale and freelances for GQ approached him about doing the feature.

“Being a college town, with RISD and Brown students being very well dressed, we thought it’d be a good opportunity,” Heinlein told “I took the photos over the last month leading up to the post, weather permitting.”

The photos were taken downtown and near the two campuses. “I’m not usually the best with asking random people to photograph them, but with a project like this, it’s inevitable that some of the guys know GQ, and are clearly into fashion and therefore won’t have an issue with me taking their photograph for the site,” he said.

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