Warmer Than Normal Next Week Too

Days like yesterday are such a treat in December… when unseasonably warm air (High=60F)and sunshine bring everyone out of the woodwork again… the playground was hopping and I ran into neighbors I probably won’t see again until March.  While the mild air is back again today, it’s not going to be nearly as nice.

We’re beginning the day with fog, mostly cloudy skies and even some sprinkles and drizzle.  It was also much colder at sunrise with the warmer air retreating  just to our south overnight.  By afternoon, even with mostly cloudy skies, the temperatures should push back into the mid 50s.  Tonight will bring a return of fog, and eventually another round of showers.  The showers will spill over into Wednesday morning, too… with temps in the 50s to start the day.  Yet another un-December-like day.  It will cool down temporarily for Thursday… before warmer-than-normal weather returns late week and weekend.

The outlook for next week is for another stretch mild temperatures in the Eastern US.

Temperature Outlook for December 9-13

The mild air comes with a trade-off… unsettled weather.  Here’s the precipitation outlook for next week:

Precipitation Outlook Dec 9-13

While the mountains of northern New England COULD see some snow/mix with this stormier pattern… overall, it doesn’t look too promising for ski lovers in New England through the middle of the month.


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