Rhode Island = Awesome. Me = Grateful.

Todd Stewart Laughing and Loving Life.

A lot of things have happened this past week.  Every road of my life evidently started coming to an end.  While I do use the term, “end,” I do not mean “end” in the sense of “conclusion” and “expiration.”  Rather, I use it in the sense of “new beginnings.”  You see, everything in life has endings.  Movies have endings, books have endings, and even tangible items have endings. Every plant begins with a seed and then after time, turns back to the earth.  Everything in life has a beginning and an end.  There is a sense of peace in this idea, if one takes time to understand and accept it, in that if you understand that things in life will eventually come to an end or break (a favorite plate for example) then you won’t be disappointed when it does and will feel gratitude and thankfulness toward the time that you had with it.

This week has been a week full of “endings.”  On Monday I finished my first graduate class on Organization Communication.  Tuesday I finished my wonderful opportunity with The Search for a Star Contest. And just yesterday I finished my other graduate class in Human Communication Theories.  Endings have been churning around me like a hasty hurricane. However, my outlook on life is similar to the life lesson stated above in that as opposed to getting sad, I begin to reflect feelings of gratitude.

So just like every swan song, last hurrah, and final curtain call, I say thank you.  Thank you to the Rhode Show for all the wonderful opportunities that have been presented to me.  Thank you for the infinite laughs, the adoring relationships and the ability to explore the nuances of what it means to be a Rhode Islander. I will take this gratitude with me wherever I go in life and I thank you for instilling it.

Life is not about what you accomplish or what you gain, it’s about the people you affect along the way and I know that this wonderful experience has made me love and cherish the human spirit even more.

Thank you Rhode Island for letting me be a part of your family.

Once again, CHEERS!

Todd Stewart

1 thought on “Rhode Island = Awesome. Me = Grateful.

  1. This kid has it. His work, his presence, his work ethic, and his outlook on life. Wow. I’d turn on my TV every morning to watch this kid.

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