See You Soon

Stephanie on The Rhode Show couch with Will and Michaela.

Today was my last day in the office at The Rhode Show. I snuck out without good-byes, opting instead for “See you soon.”

In the several weeks of auditions, I swore that the audience and everyone at The Rhode Show would know all there was to about me! With every assignment or appearance we had another opportunity to show more of ourselves. It became a challenge each day: share, learn and improve. When I looked at my footage for our final assignment and thought of how much I still wanted to say, I realized the process was not long enough.

I have much more to learn about all of you, our state and myself. I have much more to share whether its laughs (at myself, of course!), Hope (Rhode Island’s motto) or adventure! And finally, there’s always room to improve.

At 5’3″ I know first hand that GREAT things come in small packages, but I also know that two is better than one. (Get it? Small girl, small state, Rhode Show!)

While this may be the end for my cheesy cliches, I hope it’s only the beginning for me and The Rhode Show.

….”See you soon.”

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