Cicilline spent $2.4M, topping Doherty’s $1.4M, final tallies say

Congressman David Cicilline outspent his Republican opponent Brendan Doherty by almost $1 million during the last election cycle, finishing with barely any money left in his campaign account.

Cicilline spent a total of $2.4 million over the two-year cycle, while Doherty spent $1.4 million, according to final campaign finance reports filed late Thursday. The campaigns spent nearly equal amounts during the final stretch of the campaign: Cicilline spent $423,294, while Doherty spent $378,018, from Oct. 18 to Nov. 26.

Both campaigns spent the bulk of their money on television commercials and other advertising, along with staff payroll, meals and miscellaneous items, according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission. Looked at another way, Cicilline spent $22.11 and Doherty spent $16.96 for each vote they received.

Cicilline also reported paying $700 to Bob Plain, editor of the liberal blog Rhode Island’s Future, as a field contractor. Cicilline campaign manager Eric Hyers said the payment was for advertising on the website.

Doherty, who lost to Cicilline by double-digits on Nov. 6, still had a significant amount of money in the bank when the campaign was all said and done. His campaign reported $69,354 on hand as of Nov. 26, though Doherty also continued to owe himself $50,000 from an outstanding personal loan.

Cicilline went for broke and closed the campaign season with just $2,328 in the bank as of Nov. 26. The congressman will have to hit up his donors once again to rebuild his campaign war chest ahead of the 2014 midterm elections.

Cicilline raised $2.37 million and Doherty raised $1.47 million over the two-year election cycle, including final contributions of $272,341 for Cicilline and $111,860 for Doherty during the Oct. 18 to Nov. 26 reporting period.

Cicilline’s crop of closing donors included Jean Kennedy Smith, the only surviving sibling of President John F. Kennedy, who gave him $500 on Nov. 1, and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, who gave Cicilline $2,600 over the entire election cycle.

All told, Cicilline has raised $4.24 million since he first became a congressional candidate in March 2010.

Doherty donors included two figures associated with Central Falls’ bankruptcy – former city receiver Robert Flanders and his chief of staff Gayle Corrigan, who gave $500 each on Nov. 5 – and two party committees: the Republican National Committee sent $5,000 and the National Republican Congressional Committee provided $3,500.

Doherty has said he won’t run for Congress again, though some have speculated he could run for governor.

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2 thoughts on “Cicilline spent $2.4M, topping Doherty’s $1.4M, final tallies say

  1. Why are campaign contributions even legal? So politicians can BUY office? Then once in, turn around and give contracts to their cronies, and get kickbacks from it – round and round and round. In this day and age of the internet, why not use some tax money to allot a few YouTube video debates to each candidate. Get their issues out and we can all see them. All this campaign contribution crap amounts to nothing more than legalized BRIBES!

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