Holiday DIY

Yesterday on the show, my guest was Professional Organizer Stasia Steele and she showed us ways to get organized around the holidays. Missed it? Watch it here.

Something Stasia didn’t get a chance to touch on was how important she believes it is to keep your entry way clean and clear during the holidays and why. So, I got the scoop for you!

With all the hustle and bustle, get a table top organizer that keeps the following things compartmentalized: incoming mail and catalogs (which you’re getting a lot of this time of year!), outgoing mail, keys, loose change, and cell phone. Sometimes the littlest things make a big difference!

Also, to make returning or exchanging items easier, keep things in separate bags with the receipt. Then store them in a container that lives in your entry way. That way, whenever you’re on your way out to do various errands, you’ll never forget to bring those items.

Lastly, around this time of year, you typically get a lot more traffic coming in/out of the house. De-clutter the entry way to give friends and family a nice first impression of your home as soon as they enter.  Also, have a place for them to hang their coats and take off their boots.

Stasia brings up good points and offers helpful ideas. Even if you’re not planning to host a party at your home, you’re still likely to have some kind of company during the holidays. So whether you have a few colleagues over before the work party or your neighbor drops by with a tray of cookies to wish you happy holidays, you want your place to look clean.

Not only that, a festive home tends to make a nice impression and it can be easy, inexpensive, and fun to add some holiday decor this holiday season.

Near the entry way, I transformed a space into a holiday display area for my visitors to “ooh” and “aah” at! Check out my quick and budget friendly ideas on how to do this by watching my


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