Meteor Shower Next Few Nights..

Good Evening..

Skies will stay crystal clear Tonight….good news for meteor shower….the following is from


The 2012 Geminid meteor shower should peak on the nights of December 13/14 and 14/15, but in 2012 the nights leading up to the shower’s peak have been fantastic as well. That could be in part because there’s a possible new meteor shower coinciding with the Geminids in 2012. Geminid numbers intensify as evening deepens into late night, with greatest numbers of Geminids possibly falling an hour or two after midnight (December 14 and 15) – when the meteor shower radiant point looms highest in the sky – as seen from around the globe. Meanwhile, the second shower peaks during the evening hours. So you might see a Geminid meteor, or one of these new “Piscid” meteors, at any time of night this week. And – because it takes some days or even weeks for Earth to ford these meteor streams in space – do watch for meteors for some nights before and after the peak.

Tony Petrarca

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