Unsettled Stretch Next Week

High pressure is sitting firmly over the northeast, keeping the weather quiet and dry for the next few days all across southern New England.  Enjoy it.  Our luck runs out starting on Sunday.


The weather pattern at that point will begin to shift, with a trough–or dip–in the jet stream developing over the central and eastern part of the United States.  That will send storm centers towards New England… with one, or possibly 2 systems impacting our weather between Sunday and Wednesday.  There’s not an abundance of cold air to work with, so major snows don’t look likely for southeastern New England.  However, there may be enough cold air to allow for some wintry weather to mix in at times.  The track of the storm systems will be key in determining how much wintry weather our area sees.  Best chance of a plow-able snow will be well north of our area, and ski country in VT/NH should get a much needed pre-Christmas boost.

Probability of Precipitation from 12/18-12/22

The way things look right now, there may be some light snow and rain early on Sunday before transitioning to plain rain showers… mostly just a cold rain is expected on Monday and Tuesday, with a potentially more significant storm on Wednesday that could bring both rain and snow and gusty winds.  During this stretch the precipitation “type” is not written in stone, so be sure to check back for updates on the forecast through the weekend.

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