Rain/Snow Battle…Rain Eventually Wins

Cold air was locked in this morning….but mild air is trying to knock the cold air out of place.  While the two air masses do battle, some snow, sleet, and even freezing rain is possible.  By late afternoon, most of us have switched over to plain old rain; locations north of 295 may hang onto a wintry mix as the last of the cold air will be stubborn to move out. 

Because most of us will be above freezing, little to no snow accumluation is expected on the roads.  North and west of 295, some slick roads are possible.

For the Pats game, expect some cold off/on rain showers with temperatures in the upper 30s to 40.   Bring the waterproof jackets and dress with warm layers underneath!

Below is a snapshot of the forecast for 4PM this afternoon.  The blue represents snow, the green is rain, the purple is mix. -Pete Mangione


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