Saturday Storm Looks a Little Stronger, Closer

I’ve been analyzing all of the new weather data coming in through the morning, and there was a definite trend emerging… one that shows the storm center intensifying sooner and tracking more northwest (closer to the coast).  Those are two ingredients that would increase our snowfall potential.  I “upped” my forecast snowfall accumulations slightly to account for the new model information… but I didn’t want to go too crazy until we made sure this was a continuing trend.  Here’s my latest thinking:

Saturday Snow Accums
Snow Timing

With the storm tracking a little closer, there’s a better chance of some rain mixing in south and east of Providence… at least for a time Saturday afternoon and evening.  As the storm intensifies, though, cold air should be dragged down and several hours of accumulating snow looks like even on Cape Cod.  I do want to note that there are several computer models that are showing even higher snowfall potential– in the 6-12″ range.  We’ll keep you updated if we decide to go with those higher amounts.

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