Significant Snow Storm Taking Shape

The ingredients are coming together for a pretty good wallop in southeastern New England from a quick-moving but potent winter storm that will track up the eastern Seaboard and move south and east of Nantucket.  It’s a position that puts inland areas of southeastern New England in an area that’s likely to see the heaviest snowfall amounts.  The timing of the storm hasn’t changed… accumulation amounts were raised slightly from overnight… impacts are the same.

Here are the main bullet points to take away from this storm:

  • Snow/Mix arrives Mid-Day… very little accumulation before sunset
  • Mostly Snow North and West of Providence, Mix of Rain/Snow and Sleet South and East of Providence for a time in the afternoon before Changing to all Snow
  • Heavy snow after 5pm… Difficult Travel, Snowing at 1-2″/hr
  • Tapering off after midnight

One of the issues with accumulation amounts will be how far inland the rain/snow line moves.  Where rain and sleet mixes in amounts will be held down, but where it stays all snow you can expect at least 6″ of snow.  Even on the map where I have 3-6″ of snow, I’m leaning towards the higher end of that range–say 5-6″.

Accumulations by Sunday Morning

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