Ice Still Unsafe…

Good Evening From Chief Meteorologist Tony Petrarca

Despite some smaller ponds and lakes freezing over…ice thickness is still very much UNSAFE here in southern New England. Younger children need to be reminded of this. Infact despite some of the coldest air of the season in place right now, a trend towards milder air is expected next week…the following is a rough guide line to ice thickeness….data is from the Army Corps Of Engineers

Every winter it becomes very important to know when the ice is safe to use. Here are some guidelines for determining the safety of freshwater ice. The following table of safe loads is valid ONLY for ice that is clear and sound, with no flowing water underneath. it is not reliable for stationary loads. When in doubt, stay off the ice !


Loads on Ice

Required Minimum Ice
Thickness in inches
Description of
Safe Moving Load
1-3/4 One person on skies
2 One person on foot or skates
3 One snowmobile
3 A group of people walking single file
7 A single passenger automobile
8 A 2-1/2 ton truck
9 A 3-1/2 ton truck
10 A 7 to 8 ton truck



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