Reed frustrated with Obama on taxes, worried about debt limit

By ​Ted Nesi

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WPRI) – U.S. Sen. Jack Reed is still frustrated that President Obama didn’t push harder to include in this week’s fiscal cliff deal the entire tax increase he backed on the campaign trail, and is already ringing alarm bells another potential fiscal crisis later this winter.

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  • http://none chuck roscoe

    You can tell that Reed is from RI he thinks the money comes from heaven and not from the taxpayer. He is disapointed with this bill because it did not raise enough taxes and he wants to raise the debt cieling. The US goverment debt plus unfunded programs, social security, disability, medicare, and federal pensions is now at 102 trillion or around $300.000.00 for very man woman and child in the country or 1.2 million for very family of 4. Reed thinks we need more debt? WOW lets vote him back in.

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