Patriots Have Home Field Advantage in Their Sights

In true nail-biting fashion, the Baltimore Ravens took down the #1-seeded Denver Broncos in double overtime by a score of 38-35. This comes as very welcome news to both the Patriots and the Texans, since the winner of tomorrow’s game will not only be granted entry into the AFC Championship, but they’ll now automatically have home field advantage. New England did fall to Baltimore back in Week 3, but it was by a single point, it was in Baltimore, and let’s be honest, this is the playoffs. Completely different ballgame.

Plus, it was great to see the “Peyton Face” once again.

  • Stephen Robert

    Wish there were more detailed pieces like this available though out each game throught the place-offs,,,, right to the point with limited but dead on editorial. Wouldn’t mind seeing two pieces per 1/4, with a detailed analasys at the close of the game. I need a good down and dirty piece to forward to my co-worker NY/NJ colleagues.

  • http://None Ken

    Great perspective, keep em coming!

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