Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Less than a day remains until the Patriots and Ravens duke it out, and even though the weather’s looking to be quite chilly, I don’t think it’ll play much of a factor. The forecast is calling for temperatures dropping into the 20s, with a wind chill down in the teens during the game.

As temperatures have been descending all week, both teams have been preparing to deal with the icy conditions. In a press conference Friday, QB Tom Brady said: “Coach tries to always get us acclimated to the conditions. We’ve practiced in the stadium every Friday, so it was good to be out there and try to simulate what it will be like on Sunday. I was cold out today though.” The Patriots have seen success in cold weather at home in the past, but it usually only matters when the visiting team is coming from sunny California or Florida. The city of Baltimore has been experiencing similar winter weather as of late, and also, as I’ve been saying, this is the NFL playoffs. Both teams are going to be hungry, and anything can happen. Patriots safety Patrick Chung summed it up well on Friday: “Of course we are ready to go. That is kind of our advantage in the cold, but they are going to be here, ready to play, so the weather really means nothing.”

Be sure to check back in on Sunday, I’ll once again be providing info from a bird’s eye view in the press box at Gillette Stadium. Go Pats!

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