Potential Coastal Storm Friday…

Good Evening From Chief Meteorologist Tony Petrarca....

It looks like all the atmospheric “ingredients” will come together to produce a significant coastal storm on Friday. However, some of these “ingredients” are over 1000 miles away and yet to come together… Bottom line, its difficult at this point to get to detailed on things like precipitation type, location, and amounts, but on a broader scale, it looks like stormy weather Friday.

Storm will start Friday morning, with its peak occuring Friday Evening and overnight. Whole system moves away by Saturday morning. Ofcourse, the kind of weather we get is highly dependent on the track of the storm. For example, if the storm tracks too close to the coast, milder air takes over and a change to rain would occur for a time, before switching back to snow. Obviously the longer it rains before the change back to snow, the lower the snow accumulations. A track further offshore is a colder scenario keeping the precipitation as all snow. For those areas that stay all snow, amounts will be significant to plow and shovel. Some of our long range computer models hint at over a foot of snow…others have less.

Below is what the weather map will look like by Friday Night…the red line is the rain snow line. How far inland (north) that  line moves remains to be seen. Regardless of any rain, a turn back to all snow is likely as the storm pulls away.  Stay tuned to twitter and blog updates next few days. I will have new information on Eyewitness News Tonight at 10 and 11pm. Check with Michelle in the morning starting at 4:30am




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