Biggest storm ever, or just one of the biggest?

Here are the top 5 biggest storm ever for Providence/Warwick (measured at TF Green).

1) 1978: 28.6″

2) 2005: 23.4″

3) 1996: 22.8″

4) 1962: 18.9″

5) 1961: 18.3″

Is there a chance that this is the biggest storm ever? Certainly, but it’s far from a sure thing.  To beat the 28.6″ mark of 1978 we would have to be at the higher end of our forecasted range; so don’t get your hopes up too much.

Keep in mind that these records are kept at TF Green airport in Warwick.  So even if we got 30 inches in some of our suburbs, it would not “officially” count as beating the record unless Warwick was able to get over 28.6″.

It is more likely that we get somewhere in the top 5…stay tuned! -Pete Mangione


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