Watch Newsmakers with Treasurer Gina Raimondo

5 thoughts on “Watch Newsmakers with Treasurer Gina Raimondo

  1. Gina Raimondo is such a breath of fresh air for RI. Intelligent, analytical, long term decisions based on facts, family oriented, even if I was a pensioner who had my excessive COLA taken away I would (privately) have to admit that she is good for RI.


    Raimondo took one of the “shortcuts” she references in this interview, i.e., BREACH OF CONTRACT.

    “You shouldn’t break a contract with a statute.” Raimondo should have followed her own advice, she has done precisely that . . . breach of Rhode Island public pension contracts through a statute.

  3. If The Democrats Didn’t Give ” Sweetheart Deals ” To Your Public Service Union.
    Goon Employees To Get Reelected; You Would Have Plenty Of Money and The.
    Taxpayer would have Some Spare Change in His Pockets! Democratic Hustler
    Politicians + Corrupt Union Goons = BANKRUPTCY BABY! Time To Bring.
    RICO Conspiracy Charges Against The Hustler Corrupt Democrats and the.
    Criminal Unions!

  4. Ms. Raimondo’s “I SAVED THE PENSION SYSTEM” really turns me off. Also, how come I never see her at these state pension meetings? I always see Mayors Tavares and Fung, but she doesn’t seem to be doing the tough work at the table.

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