Ron St. Pierre laid off at WPRO-AM

By Dan McGowan

Less than three years after being inducted into the Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame, Ron St. Pierre has been laid off by WPRO-AM, has learned.

The talk radio veteran confirmed that he and the station parted ways Thursday.

“Their call, not mine,” he told

St. Pierre has been a behind-the-scenes fixture in local talk radio for more than 30 years, first helping turn WHJJ into a ratings powerhouse and later doing the same with WPRO. In recent years, St. Pierre has co-hosted the Buddy Cianci Show while also publishing an entertaining daily blog on the station’s website. St. Pierre guest hosted Cianci’s show Thursday afternoon.

St. Pierre’s departure follows the station’s decision last month to replace Tara Granahan and Andrew Gobeil with Gene Valicenti on weekday mornings. Granahan is still with the station and now hosts a Saturday afternoon show; Gobeil was laid off.

WPRO program director Craig Schwalb did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

48 thoughts on “Ron St. Pierre laid off at WPRO-AM

    • “They say you’re nobody in radio until you been fired.” Not true in this case, Ron was and will continue to be somebody. WPROs loss! Glad I have my Sirius-XM Subscriptions for life.

  1. More cuts to come.Sorry to to hear about Ron but this is the direction of radio.It wouldnt surprise me if Cianci is replaced by a national show soon.

  2. Stopped listening too talk radio when the fraud ( DePetro) and his wife ( another fraud) were fixing the arbitron ratings….

    Those two frauds I have too thank, they turned me onto XM Radio and I never looked back….

    • I concur! I will not use any business that uses Depetro to advertise their company. The new jingle Rhode Island future needs you is the biggest sign the state or Rhode Island and WPRO are in trouble. Ms Granahan should have been let go as Deptro and Buddy.

  3. THE RADIO BUSINESS IS NASTY! Ron St Pierre is a class act and will be sorely missed! I had the pleasure of working with him several years ago. I am hopeful that other local media will recognize his talent as well as skills in management and offer him a position!

    Ron St Pierre is in the RI Radio Hall of Fame! A great broadcaster with a rich history here in our state. He started working in radio in Woonsocket in 1977. He also was responsible for hiring much of the local radio talent. In addition he also has worked at your station, WPRI Channel 12. What a loss this is!

    • Mike I tuned Rhide Island talk radio off about five or six years ago….. When I did it was the equivalent of single A baseball…..Lori from Cranston, Tony from North Providence, Peter Anthony, from Cranston…..When you heard their voice, you felt like a fortune teller… It could be your gain if you rid your tunnel vision.

  4. @Dennis: WPRO management is leaning LEFT now? LOL! Get your head outa the Fox News misinformation bubble and maybe your relatives will start talking to you again.

  5. Unfortunately, this is the direction that talk radio has been heading in for years. I’m frankly surprised that local talk hasn’t completely gone away years ago. Advertising dollars are minimal, ratings have suffered and the demographics for talk radio just don’t equal buyers.

    Pay radio (Sirius/XM) and nationally syndicated shows are taking over.

  6. “St. Pierre has co-hosted the Buddy Cianci Show while also publishing an entertaining daily blog on the station’s website. St. Pierre guest hosted Cianci’s show Thursday afternoon.”

    Ron is a CO-HOST on the Buddy Cianci show period. It’s been his job for the last five years, in addition to being PD for 790 WPRV. Before that he was host of the WPRO Morning News while still performing the duties of Programming Director for WPRO and 790 going back to 1997-1998 when he came back to Rhode Island. He was not “guest” hosting on Thursday afternoon, he was hosting the Buddy Cianci show, and doing a superb job of it. Frankly he took more calls, and all of them NEW callers at that, in his last 3 hours on WPRO than the “fat man” has taken in the last five years. I certainly hope that “Jockey” person is a figment of Buddy’s imagination, because if he really is real then he has a big pair of shoes to fill in babysitting that senile old man.

  7. @Bob Makes you wonder where all the future talk talent will come from. The radio business benefitted from the farm system—you know, the same farm system they have all but destroyed.

    • Do you support the sponsor’s of Depetro’s show. The people who call Depetro are the most ignorant people of Rhode Island. Too many public sector employees.

  8. I don’t listen to WPRO because they gave a slot to corrupt Cianci, a cynical move that undermines efforts for more honest government.
    Arlene Violet was the last local host I took seriously. Unlike the right-wing that (mostly) ignores corporate abuse or the left-wing that (mostly) ignores abuse of government social programs, she calls out abuse wherever it occurs.

  9. I will miss hearing Ron St. Pierre on WPRO. He is a class act and a true (and very rare) professional. He deserves his own show!

  10. Ron is a gem; a true professional, and will be sorely missed. Aside from him and Buddy, the only other program I’ll listen to is Matt Allen.

    This is a big loss. Especially when you consider that certain other morning hosts are still there.

  11. I don’t Listen to WPRO because of Buddy the Felon and the annoying John Depetro.

    The only one I tune into on occasion is Matt Allen.

    • Matt is the best. If he starts taking one hour of every show and devotes it to a national issue his show will go national in two years. He’s a very smart young man that articulates his points very effectively.

  12. Professional, fabulous voice, intelligent, fun— a perfect foil to Buddy—-what the hell are they thinking??? Hopefully, the “other” talk staion will scoop him up immediately

  13. Change is good lets see if we can find another Matt Allen and get rid of the York’s & Depetros. And if the station is worrying about listeners get rid of the felon Cianici he has all the answers on illegal acts because he invented them all.

  14. GO FIGURE… they still have a great line up, just not as great… very disappointed..GOOD LUCK RON!!!!! I know you will land somewhere and they will be blessed to have you!!!!

  15. Cumulus and Clear Channel have killed local radio. The next voice you here will either be pre-recorded or broadcasting from New York or Dallas.

  16. What a SHAME…it was JD who should have gone. Ron is a Class Act. I use to listen to pro a lot…then it went down to 3 shows,now it will be one, Dan Yorke.I hope WHJJ picks up Ron and then Buddy won’t be far behind,HOPEFULLY!!!!

  17. Nothing in rogue Island surprizes me anymore. Unfortunately, longevity, loyality, and productivity have no value in todays’ warped society. If I do have a bone to pick – it’s with the terribly embarrassing Saturday line-up. Pure dreck. Aside from Bill H., it is a 6am to 6pm infomercial. I read thru it and it’s pure pablum.

  18. I had one professional dealing with Ron St. Pierre and he went back on his word. Granted, that’s a sample size of one, but I can’t imagine it’s the only time he acted that way. Ronzo was a hack who bailed on running WPRV because he got bored. He viewed it as a burden rather than an opportunity. I have no sympathy for people who make business decisions from a position of fear. If he didn’t see the writing on the wall then his business instincts are even worse than I thought.

  19. Bad move WPRO and very sad to loose this gentleman! Currently only listening to Buddy and Matt Allen…..because of my schedule. Turned off Depetro right after we lost Andrew G…..crazy! Good luck WPRO, you are going to need it!
    Ever listen to Helen Glover show??? Now that is a good example of professionalism.Whos next???? Let me guess!!!!!

  20. I listen to the Buddy Cianci show almost daily and LOVED IT when Ron sat in for him. I actually liked the show better when he did fill in.

    Class act. Awesome radio host!

    I will miss him.

  21. Who will supply Cianci with all the answers he cannot remember? Tara is too young! The show will not last without Ron. There will soon be 20 minutes each half hour of old songs.

  22. Who will supply Cianci with all the answers he cannot remember, like Ron did? Tara is too young. Very soon he will be playing 20 minutes each half hour of old songs. I’d say bring Ron back, but I’ m sure that he would not come.

  23. February 15 was a sad day in Rhode Island talk radio. I can’t beleive WPRO would fire someone who was in radio for so long. When I moved to Rhode Island, I primarily listened to the nationally syndicated shows like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. However, I started listening to Buddy Cianci and other shows on WPRO. I really liked the the local news coverage and hosts on the station. I don’t think Buddy’s show will be the same without Ron. They really worked well together. I would sure like to see Ron working at WHJJ again. We’ll see what happens. For now, I am taking a break from WPRO.

  24. I can’t believe this! I only tolerated Buddy because Ron was with him to keep him on track. Ron should have had his own show again. Only thing I can think of is payroll. Taking on Valecenti must have $$$$ so Ron was probably up there in salary so he got the ax. HUGE mistake.

  25. Ron St. Pierre is one of the funniest, fast on the draw on radio today. He has encyclopedic knowledge of all things WPRO, Rhode Island . Dumb move Cumulus.
    Sleep tight Salty.

  26. I agree that salaries were a big part of the decision to to get rid of Ron. I was not happy to learn that WPRO fired Andrew Gobeil at the beginning of the year. I felt like he and Tara Granahan worked very well together. Were the morning ratings that bad? I seriously doubt it. If you are going to have lay-offs, it seems like the most fair thing to do would be to eliminate people who have worked at your company for the shortest length of time. But since salaries were involved, WPRO felt like they needed to can someone who was already making good money. Wonder if Barbara Haynes (head of Cumulus Media for Providence) had anything to do with the decision. I suspect so.

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