Cranston’s Fung ‘taking a serious look’ at run for governor

By Ted Nesi

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Cranston Mayor Allan Fung signaled Thursday he’s likely to throw his hat into the race for governor next year, adding his name to the list of those preparing to challenge independent Gov. Lincoln Chafee.

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6 thoughts on “Cranston’s Fung ‘taking a serious look’ at run for governor

  1. I saw him last night at Best Burgers on Thayer & he and his wife were just so nice to everyone. He seems like such a genuinely nice guy, and they were just another couple hanging out at the counter. She is absolutely beautiful.

  2. This poor girl gets mentioned for her looks anytime Fung’s name comes up these days. And unless they both go ringless, they’re not married.

  3. I met them at a ATCP charity run at Oakland Beach yesterday. I told her she was so pretty and her response was something like “Thank you but I hope to be known for more than that.” Maybe we could all cool it on here? Women are more than pretty things sometimes.

  4. RI is over, forget Republican or any other party running for any govt. offices in this state. it will always go to Democrats and Liberals.

    RI is filled with young morons and stubborn old geezers AND illegal aliens that get pushed thru to vote.

    Voting in America is a scam–The polls are fixed–the votes are based on what the mainstream media reports and use paola to fulfill their desires.

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