Education activist Butke mulling run for mayor of Providence

Maryellen_ButkeVeteran education activist Maryellen Butke is considering a run for mayor of Providence, has learned.

“I’ve been approached by a number of people to the point where I need to take it seriously and think about it,” Butke told on Tuesday, describing herself as “incredibly flattered” to be asked. “I feel very honored,” she said.

Butke said she’s “very confident” she could raise enough money to fund a competitive campaign. “I’m not concerned about that,” she said.

Butke ran in the Senate District 3 Democratic primary last September to replace retiring Sen. Rhoda Perry, losing 57% to 43% to Gayle Goldin, Perry’s handpicked successor. Goldin had the vocal support of Providence Mayor Angel Taveras in that race, while Butke had the quiet backing of Treasurer Gina Raimondo.

Butke, a Providence College graduate, is best-known for lobbying to change K-12 education policy in ways that frequently put her at odds with teachers unions, most recently as executive director of the nonprofit Rhode Island Campaign for Achievement Now (RI-CAN), and said education would be a key issue for her.

A growing number of people are considering a bid for mayor of Providence amid growing signs that Taveras will run for governor in 2014 rather than seek a second term. Butke – who lives on the East Side and is hosting a big-name fundraiser Wednesday night to benefit same-sex marriage advocates – said she wants to see who else jumps into the race.

“It doesn’t have to be me at all,” she said. “I just want to make sure that we have a great mayor. … It’s an amazing city and an amazing state, so I just want to make sure that we put it in good hands.”

Butke said while she’s been encouraged to run as an independent, if she ran for mayor she would do so as a Democrat. “I’m a lifelong Democrat and my values are very much along those lines,” she said.

Butke also noted that to her knowledge a woman has never run for mayor of Providence, let alone won the office. “I do think it’s time for women to lead more and more in all different offices across the board, in Rhode Island and across this country,” she said.

Update: Readers have noted at least two women who ran for mayor of Providence in the past: Jean Coughlin in 1974 and Victoria Lederberg in 1990. (Both lost to Buddy Cianci.)

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  • Sarah W.

    Ted, You should also note that Butke’s senate campaign was almost entirely funded by NYC education reform money. We need to ensure the public knows which donors/money are behind each candidate. Until there is public financing.

    • Raimondo Lies

      Yup. And Vic Moffitt, Raimondo’s hubby, happens to work with New Schools Venture Fund. It’s all tied together. It’s Wall Street money trying to conquer Rhode Island. And it looks like it may be winning.

      For more info on how CT, RI, NJ, and NY politicians are connected this way, see here:

      • Raimondo Lies

        Sorry. That’s Andy Moffitt. Not Vic.

    • Cosmo

      Oh my God I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read, Wall Street trying to conquer Rhode Island. That’s like fighting over the last deck chair on the Titanic, thanks for the laugh man. Who in the name of God would want to conquer a sewer? I can’t stop laughing.

      • Kristy

        Buy low. Sell high. Not as silly as one would think.

  • Christopher Nocera
  • snow

    You know why teachers have no respect for Butke and her ideas? She has nothing to to with education any more than the average man in the street. Is she a educator? No she isn’t.

  • Jacob

    Her son would be a much better candidate.

  • Nesis NOtObjective

    Hey Nesi – Are you in the tank with her as well??

    Curious? Google “Nesi” + “Forbes” (yes, as in magazine!)

  • Cosmo

    Never heard of this lady before, but anybody who isn’t liked by public employee unions is good in my book.

  • Tom Dorr

    No other woman ran for mayor of Providence?

    Three words: Victoria Santopietro Lederberg.

    From Butke’s own District.

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