Big campaign has RI gay-marriage backers near victory

By Dan McGowan & Ted Nesi

When the Rhode Island Senate meets Wednesday to vote on legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage, it will be taking up an issue that died in the House just two years ago and was still considered a long shot as recently as last winter.

But a savvy political campaign that first threatened and then encouraged state lawmakers – combined with a rapid shift in public opinion – now has Rhode Island poised to become the final state in New England to allow gay and lesbian couples to wed.

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11 thoughts on “Big campaign has RI gay-marriage backers near victory

      • It depends on the people involved in the marriage to begin with and added to the fact that God should be the center and focal point of the marriage. God should also ways be the number one in everyones life, he created us and the universe. If you dont have God in your life you have nothing. He is worth more than anything you can imagine as again he is our creator.

      • Believe what you want Kris. God does not have to be the center of a marriage. He created all people, in every nationality, color, sexual orientation. Who are you to preach what God said or did, were you there when it all started, the bible has been rewritten hundreds of times to benefit those that wrote it. God created all, to be happy and to live amongst haters like yourself. Whether it is a straight union or a gay union, it is still marriage.

      • Oh, and what? you think gays will NEVER divorce? please! Gay marriage is a FRAUD–for I know gay poeple and the majority ARE NOT faithful to each other–they are mostly all in OPEN releationships.

  1. I am a proud atheist, and my life is full and rich, thank you. Velieve whatever you want, but don’t push it on anyone else, and by all means don’t deny any American civil rights! I am so hoping that RI becomes the tenth state to allow marriage between any two consenting adults.

  2. Ridiculous waste of time.

    This state should be having a dialogue about how tax money is used to meet the needs of the citizens.

    Rhode Island citizens are paying some of the highest taxes per capita. But we are not getting services that are better than other locations by any degree.

  3. It’s a shame how our Govt. is disrespecting others of faith by allowing a tarishing of the definition of “Marriage” to suit others. Marriage is AND WILL ALWAYS BE REGARDLESS OF WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT SAYS is a church sacrament between a MAN & A WOMAN. How selfish of these gays to slap poeple of faith in the face with this fraud-calling “marriage”. It should ONLY be called a CIVIL UNION.

    Our govt. in RI has BETRAYED us in the last two years: Giving slaps on the wrists of pot posessors, tearing down prayer banners and manipulating church sacrament terminology to favor a selective group of poeple.

    We are no longer a state or nation of equality; We are a state and nation of favoritsm. Poeple of faith are being treated less of a member of this nation–Raping us of our church sacraments, money and taxes to feed a secular world.

    Why not just go all the way and legalize prostitution, beastality and phedophilia?

    RI is so desperate that they will do ANYTHING to generate $$$$$–regardless of morals.

    What a disgusting state. It’s like Sodom and Gommorea brought to the USA.

  4. Hey, Jack–a true person would realize God is to be the center of one’s being. Man can’t just live on bread alone.

    If you just rely on the human race to keep things going, then you can see why this country is in the mess it’s in.

    The more poeple that lack faith, the more our country has been going down the drain…..

    And the Boston Bombing is a prime example–for EVIL prevailed where the majority of a country no longer wants to live and be protected by God.

    When we were a TRUE American country, where people were a TRUE body of faith, none of these things such as this bombing and 9/11 happened.

    THINK about it!

  5. Just for the record, there a rules, requirements and regulations in EVERYTHING in life–in religion, your job, at schools. If there wasn’t rules and order, there would be chaos…Oh, wait, under liberal law (Obama, Pelosi, our very own Chafee)–that’s what we’re getting!

    Some rules make sense, some are for the well-being of others, some are just insane. That’s life…But when there are laws put in that mess with the order of things and comes negative outcomes, don’t shed no tears, morons–For you all brought it all onto yourselves.

    Thanks, pigs, for making RI an even bigger mockery!

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