Gay marriage could be law by first week of May

By Dan McGowan

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Less than an hour after the Rhode Island Senate overwhelmingly approved legislation to legalize same-sex marriage, Gov. Lincoln Chafee on Wednesday said he met with advocates to begin discussing plans to sign the bill into law “as quickly as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Gay marriage could be law by first week of May

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  2. It’s a shame how our Govt. is disrespecting others of faith by allowing a tarishing of the definition of “Marriage” to suit others. Marriage is AND WILL ALWAYS BE REGARDLESS OF WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT SAYS is a church sacrament between a MAN & A WOMAN. How selfish of these gays to slap poeple of faith in the face with this fraud-calling “marriage”. It should ONLY be called a CIVIL UNION.

    Our govt. in RI has BETRAYED us in the last two years: Giving slaps on the wrists of pot posessors, tearing down prayer banners and manipulating church sacrament terminology to favor a selective group of poeple.

    We are no longer a state or nation of equality; We are a state and nation of favoritsm. Poeple of faith are being treated less of a member of this nation–Raping us of our church sacraments, money and taxes to feed a secular world.

    Why not just go all the way and legalize prostitution, beastality and phedophilia?

    RI is so desperate that they will do ANYTHING to generate $$$$$–regardless of morals.

    What a disgusting state. It’s like Sodom and Gommorea brought to the USA.

    • So based on your rant it’s safe to assume you only like government favoritism when it benefits Christian churches.

      • …And were do you see govt. favoritism for churches? And I am NOT just speaking of just “Christian Churches”, there are MANY denominations of religion that hold the sacrament of a man and a woman being exclusive to marriage.

        We are to have a freedom of religion in this country, not a freedom FROM religion.

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