Education board votes to extend Deborah Gist’s contract

By Dan McGowan

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – It will be two more years for embattled R.I. Education Commissioner Deborah Gist.

The R.I. Board of Education voted Thursday to allow Gist to continue guiding the state’s public schools until 2015, a deal that will throw her square into the middle of a Democratic primary for governor next year that is expected to be contentious.

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4 thoughts on “Education board votes to extend Deborah Gist’s contract

  1. As she should have gotten if not more…the DEM’s and Union Heads along with their following want the same ole, same ole and that is why this state will NEVER get their head out of the sand!


  2. why’d the teachers think wearing their NEA shirts would help their cause during their protest? Just turns off people.

  3. Creating better test takers does not create smarter or better educated students.
    Some are just better than others at taking standardized tests.
    if a student has passed all required courses and has enough credits to graduate–then by all means they should be allowed to graduate.
    To do otherwise would be a tremendous injustice.

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