Tobin received angry letters over same-sex marriage stance

Bishop_Tobin_2011Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin received some unpleasant correspondence in response to his comments about same-sex marriage being legalized in Rhode Island.

In a speech Saturday to the annual Portsmouth Institute conference, Tobin said he “received a letter from an angry individual who began, as harsh critics so often do, by establishing his Catholic credentials.”

The prelate quoted the writer as telling him: “Bishop Tobin, based on your pastoral letter and a review of your previous comments on this subject, I have concluded that you are evil, reprehensible, homophobic, and bigoted, and that you should be ashamed of yourself in general and in particular as a so-called Christian.”

Tobin said he also received an email that called him a “fat, old, conservative bigot.” His reply? “I am not fat.”

Tobin’s address, “Evangelization in a Secular Age,” reflected on the modern era’s challenges for Christians. He cited a Barna Group survey declaring Providence the fourth-most post-Christian city in America.

“Is it the failure of the leaders of the Church to adequately preach and teach?” Tobin asked in response. “Is [it] the failure of rank-and-file Christians to give compelling witness in their daily lives? Is it the secular agenda promoted by the leaders of our government? Is it the atmosphere created by the left-leaning media and the erudite academic communities of our area? Is it a combination of all these things? Probably.”

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22 thoughts on “Tobin received angry letters over same-sex marriage stance

  1. I have absolutely no sympathy for this man….when you open your mouth and say nasty things people respond in strange ways…..he is homophobic,not particularly christlike, antiwoman and living in the wrong century….but so is the organization that he represents….

  2. To last two posters here.

    He has NOT said anything NASTY about gay marriage. He is NOT homophobic.

    There are rules and regulations in everything in life: In religion, at school, at jobs. Gay marriage and homosexuality is considered a sin within the church. You don’t like it, then don’t be Catholic.

    However, the government has NO RIGHT to alter a religious word’s terminology such as marriage.

    The definition of marriage is a union between and MAN AND WOMAN. It is also a scarament of MANY religious denominations.

    Gays and the government did an UNCONSTITUTIONAL thing when passing this law in RI and other states. They tarnished many religious followers definition of their practice and in FAVOR of a selected group of individuals.

    “Haters gonna Hate”–Yes, the liberals are the ones who are the MOST hateful and DANGEROUS individuals we have in America. They trample others rights for their own ajendas. They cause damage and riots in the streets with violence (Thus, the occupy poeple). They are the ones that spread HATE when others do not agree with them.

    You never hear of violence and riots during prolife demonstrations or at Tea Party meetings….

    I think you liberals are the ones that need to take a step back and look at yourselves and actions. You just may see who indeed are the “haters” and “racists”. And sending a man of the cloth hate mail is just a pure example of your disrepectful, cruel, immature and ignorant actions.

    • Very well stated. I’m not Catholic but if Tobin, or anyone else for that matter, wants to express his or her opinion based on religious or personal grounds, they have that right. Jesus and Bob do not do justice to their cause by insulting someone because they excercised their first amendment rights. As for the assertion that Tobin is a hater, I don’t know about that, but it is clear that if Jesus and Bob wish to see a hater they have only to look in the nearest mirror. And they would be looking at bullies too in the bargain.

      • Thank, you Cosmo.

        And I feel that the liberals are the BIGGEST bullies out there.

        I for one don’t care if two people of the same sex want to make their relationship official, but calling it a marriage is not right. It should be called a civil union. But, in RI, that wasn’t good enough for angry gays and pushed to go against others religious rights by calling it a marriage. Just one more thing our lovely Govt. Chafee passed. SHAME ON YOU, CHAFEE!

  3. Wow…… Today if you say anything that is not in line with the liberal ideology you are a threat to society. We still have freedom of speech. I believe that most gay and straight partners don’t feel that marriage is that important anymore. This whole issue is just another smoke screen put out by the libs so we don’t notice that the real problems we have in DC

    • Very true, Charles, for the real threat in America ARE the Liberals. They favor certain groups of people and want nothing more than do a Hitler-like cleansing of our country.

      The govt. ruled Obama is one of those liberals we need to get impeached. Do not tell me for a second he was not behind the IRS scandal of investigating and unjustly trying to get information on who groups that are for Pro-Life and conservative were getting funds from and trying to dismantle their organizations.

      We are living in dangerous times in America, where our freedoms are becoming diminished.

      All our forefathers are turning in their graves. America is no longer a country built on God and Freedom.

      How sad that is…

  4. Eric….you sound like you would be a good candidate for the third Reich….a fascist regime did the same things in the 1930 to the jews, homosexuals and gypsies in germany and it sounds like you would fit right in….
    and as far as tobin is concerned….if you can’t stand the heat get away from the fire….you want to get involved and fight against people’s rights well it is too bad if they fight back…and then you hide behind the mantle of the church!

    • Bob, where in my post did I say anything in regards to any close to “he third Reich. If anyone is to any type of shutting out or cleansing of a society, it is the liberals. Again, you must be one, for you didn’t read my posts, you just see that I have defended our bishop and BOOM! went on the attack.

      Where is Tobin hiding behind a mantle of the church? I’d like to know how many of the HATE letters were signed by the true identities of their writers!

      Like I said, there are rules and regulations in everything in life–at jobs (if YOU even hold one!), at school, in religion, the law (to keep order–which is what liberals DO NOT WANT, they spread chaos)and so forth.

      Liberals need to GROW UP and get a clue that just because poeple do not agree with every little tiny thought they have in their brains that others are not “Full of Hate” or “racist”. It’s a big wide world out there filled with many cultures, beliefs and lifestyles–However, selected groups of poeple should NOT be favored nor be trampled over by others to fulfill their selfish needs–And that is what is going on in America under Obama’s Iron Fist….

      Liberals cliam to be for equality but they are not, they are out to eradicate others that stand in our way. There’s not much “love” to be when it involves bullying, stubbornness, ignorance and disrespect for others now is there?

    • Calling two poeple of the same sex together a Marriage is a Fraud. It’s like calling a crayon a computer.

      But, then again, liberals aways twist the meanings of words. They all need to invest in dictionaries.

      • Eric, when mainstream marriage was changed from polygamy to monogamy, was that fraudulent as well?

      • JG, that was done by Kings and Rulers like 1,000 of years ago.
        It fell with the likes of the roman empire. So go figure!

        JG, should we allow poeple to marry their own parents, siblings, animals and inanimate objects, too?

        Again, Liberals = chaos.

  5. Bishop Tobin Is correct, and his adversaries are evil. They mix the truth with lies to make the lies believable, and they mix lies with the truth to make the truth unbelievable.

  6. Eric and Bob, your pastors would no doubt be proud of your defense of the Bishop.

    It amazes me that an institution loaded with homosexuality…homosexuality that is typically expressed in drunken, one time, late night, run ins…has the nerve to speak out so much against two people loving one another in a monogamous relationship.

  7. Jon: Your post makes no sense. It is only an attempt to insult others.

    And FYI, I know MANY homosexuals. 99% of them are in open relationships, thus they are not truly “monogamous”. And many that want these “rights” for “marriage” just are doing it for money (health care, insurance, etc.)

    Since you and some others here seem to have a reading disability, my posts DO NOT say I am against two poeple of the same sex that what to make their relationship official legally. I said it should not be callled a marriage, for it does not meet the critieria, nor the meaning of the word.

    And, again, there is still this thing called diversity and freedom of speech. And bishop Tobin has those rights like anyone else.

    • Eric,

      I absolutely agree that the Bishop has a right to say what he feels the need to say, but its the hypocrisy I can’t stand.

      I too know many lgbt folks – “99 percent of whom” ARE in monogamous and healthy relationships. The institution of marriage has been plenty destroyed by heterosexual couples for centuries all on their own. Perhaps a community that had to fight for the right will be an example to the rest because they appreciate it more.

      As for finding my comments insulting, I can’t control the perspective of others, but frankly, your generalization that 99 percent of the gay community is in open relationships is rude, innacurate, and frankly – ignorant.

      • No, it’s fact for what I know about the gays I’ve encountered. They are indeed in open relationships and are highly unfaithful. It’s just the way that lifestyle operates….We’ll just wait a few years–I bet their divorce rates will surpass straight marriages….

        “The institution of marriage has been plenty destroyed by heterosexual couples for centuries all on their own”–so what does that have to do with altering the definition of mariage?

        And where is the bishop being a hypocrite? He state what the church laws are and that’s that

  8. I see. Tobin denied he was fat but failed to deny that he was “evil, reprehensible, homophobic, and bigoted, and that you should be ashamed of yourself in general and in particular as a so-called Christian.”
    At least he isn’t a liar too.

    • It’s called having a sense of humor in the mists of stupidy attacks from the liberal left…

      PS. We don’t need commentary from likes of California–Home of Satan:Hollywood.

      We have enough of it from the many morons that lurk within RI.

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