Brown U.’s Widmer reportedly writing Hillary Clinton memoir

ted_widmer_brownWell, they don’t call Rhode Island “Clinton Country” for nothing.

Ted Widmer, the former Bill Clinton speechwriter who ran Brown University’s John Carter Brown Library from 2006 to 2012, will reportedly serve as the ghostwriter for Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming memoir, according to a Showbiz411 story published Thursday.

The revelation isn’t a big surprise. Brown announced Sept. 12 – the day after the Benghazi attack, as it happens – that Widmer would become a senior adviser to Clinton, who was then finishing up as secretary of state. He is continuing at Brown as a special assistant to President Christina Paxson, too.

Clinton has a deal with Simon & Schuster for the new book, due out in June 2014, and was expected to pocket an advance of as much as $14 million. Bill Clinton also got some help from Widmer in writing his own memoir.

Widmer’s ties to Rhode Island are longstanding; his father, Eric Widmer, was on the Brown faculty and served as dean of students for a time. The younger Widmer has also quietly aided Lincoln Chafee on some of the governor’s key speeches.

(photo: Brown University)

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