Chicago Mayor Emanuel hosts fundraiser for Gina Raimondo

At this rate, soon Treasurer Gina Raimondo will be able to start a “Mayors for Gina” organization.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hosted a fundraiser for the first-term treasurer, who is widely expected to run for governor in 2014, on Thursday evening from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Chase Tower in the Windy City, a Raimondo aide told Emanuel, a Democrat, was President Obama’s first chief of staff and previously served as a U.S. congressman.

It’s the second major fundraiser this month that a big-city mayor has hosted for Raimondo, coming exactly a week after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg threw a campaign event for her at his Manhattan townhouse. The wealth of the two cities combined with the wide networks of Emanuel and Bloomberg should give a significant boost to Raimondo’s campaign war chest for this fundraising quarter, which ends Sunday.

Raimondo left Rhode Island on Thursday morning for the Chicago event and returns tonight, the aide said.

Emanuel suggested last year that Illinois should look at the pension changes spearheaded by Raimondo in Rhode Island as his state seeks to fix its own underfunded retirement system.

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6 thoughts on “Chicago Mayor Emanuel hosts fundraiser for Gina Raimondo

  1. So…. gina has many friends from out of state….hedge fund cronies, enron boys, multi millionaires mayors, etc., etc…..does she care a hoot about the pensionaires who will never see a cola in their lifetime because she took their cola and gave it to her hedge fund friends?….who contribute so generously to he re-election campaign….do you know a working class democrat who has any intention of voting for her in the primary?….I don’t….Remember all the money Karl Rowe had….It got him nowhere….Even though fox noise said he was winning….same thing with gina….she will never get reelected…she has lost the support of the masses of working people….she only cares about gina….let them eat cake that is her motto……

  2. I have to agree with Robert. These people are so out of touch with the working class. They have no idea of how much they have impacted all the pension recipients who did nothing but follow the state mandates. It is not only a matter of what she did but it is also the way in which she did it. We have not forgotten. Even if she were to win the primary, I wouldn’t vote for her and I am a life long Democrat.
    I wish she were spending more time paying attention to the management of the pension fund.

  3. I hope to God she doesn’t win a primary. The woman is BARELY a Rhode Islander, and has no regard for anyone outside of the rich East Side. What a snoot!

  4. For most politicians, politics has nothing to do with doing the public’s business. It is all about getting power, money and privilege for THEMSELVES.

  5. I’m not in a union, I’m not a republican, and I’m definitely not a fan of Chafee’s. But how can anyone believe this woman can lead when she has to be ordered in a court of law to sit down and compromise with people. That’s what leaders want to do, not what they are forced to do. Chicago can keep their $$, and this woman can move back out of state where she loves to be.

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