90 Degrees to Kevin Bacon

It’s been an unusual summer so far, no doubt about it…and one filled with extremes.  June was the second wettest June on record in Providence.  June ended, and July started off with a sizzle….a 5 day heat wave beginning on July 4th.  Now, another heat wave looms, and this one could be just as long as the last one.  If we had 5 days of 90° heat this week, that would make 10 for the month and 14 for the year!

So I thought I’d break a sweat in the world of numbers and see how this year stands with recent years.  Here’s what I found out…














There’s quite a bit of variability from year to year…ranging from 2 to 16! What stands out the most (to me) is that ’16’ for 2010.   That was a pretty hot year and well above the 30 year average of 10.9 days of 90° or higher!   While 2010 was pretty hot, three of the last six years have been below average.  This year, however, looks like it will be well above average.

Heat Advisories are possible again this week as the humidity will be quite high and feel-like temps (heat indices) will be at or above 100° at times. 

This will be a good week to take a dip at the beach or go Footloose in the Mystic River.  You were wondering how I was going to tie in Kevin Bacon, I know you were.

Stay cool!

-T.J. Del Santo

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