Republican Robitaille eyeing 2014 governor’s race

By Dan McGowan

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Just when you thought he was out, the Republican runner-up in the 2010 governor’s race on Monday said he is considering running for the state’s top job again in 2014.

John Robitaille, who finished two percentage points behind Gov. Lincoln Chafee in a four-way race in 2010, said Chafee’s decision to join the Democratic Party and Moderate Party standard bearer Ken Block’s flirtation with the Republican Party have prompted him to reassess his options.

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  • Snap Shot

    Looks like the 2010 election all over again…….. Chafee must be happy.

  • Eric

    I think Robitaiile would make a great Govt. But, lets face it, RIers will be DUMB enough to put back in Chafee.

    And we all know voting is fixed and crooked now–Democrats let poeple that are illegal vote and many cheat and vote at more than one poll. So F**K voting in America. It’s a total crock of SH*T….

    Since OBAMA got in again and the same old same olds in RI, I will NEVER waste my time to go vote again.

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