Lawyers ask judge for more time in pension mediation

By Dan McGowan

Lawyers for the state and public-sectors unions have asked a judge for more time to discuss a potential settlement of a lawsuit challenging Rhode Island’s 2011 landmark pension law before it heads to trial.

The lawyers provided R.I. Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft-Carter with their sixth update on the mediation talks since February, according to court spokesman Craig Berke. Taft-Carter ordered the two sides to the table in December, six months after the law took effect.

General Treasurer Gina Raimondo, the key architect of the pension overhaul, has said suspending retirees’ cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) until the pension system is 80% funded and moving most current employees into a hybrid pension plan will strengthen to retirement system and save the states billions of dollars.

Berke said attorneys on both sides will provide Taft-Carter with another update on Sept. 5 at Kent County Superior Court, which is where the judge is assigned this fall.

3 thoughts on “Lawyers ask judge for more time in pension mediation

  1. Let’s see…steal pensions from widows and orphans….who already paid for the pensions AND the colas. Then send the union in to negotiate for the retirees when they are not authorized to do so….and will probably throw them under the bus as soon as possible.

    Yeah that sounds like Democrats in RI.

  2. ask the judge as well if her cola can be capped alongside the others in this state instead they are exempt from it……………..not so fair gina.

  3. This past session, led by the usual suspects at the G. A. they tried not to make the state’s annual contribution to the pension fund. Somehow the budget passed with the payment intact. How will the pension ever become 80% funded for the cola to be reinstated if these payments are fair game? That is really dirty pool, hope the judge took note. It just never ends with these guys.

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