Ron St. Pierre in, Helen Glover out at WHJJ-AM

By Dan McGowan

Rhode Island Radio Hall of Famer Ron St. Pierre is returning to WHJJ-AM as the new morning show host, has learned.

In a brief Facebook message Tuesday, St. Pierre confirmed that he’ll replace host Helen Glover. The show begins Wednesday morning. He had been filling in for Glover whenever she took a vacation day in recent months after being let go by WPRO in February.

The veteran radio and television broadcaster is known for helping turn WHJJ into a ratings powerhouse when he became its program director in 1982. He later did the same at WPRO before he became a co-host and executive producer of Buddy Cianci’s show in 2007.

St. Pierre was inducted into the state’s Radio Hall of Fame in 2010.

Glover, a Portsmouth resident who was a contestant on “Survivor: Thailand” in 2002, began hosting the morning show on WHJJ in September 2005. She won the Associated Press award for best talk show four times.

WHJJ is owned by Clear Channel Communications. WPRO is owned by Cumulus Media.

Dan McGowan ( ) covers politics and the city of Providence for Follow him on Twitter: @danmcgowan

107 thoughts on “Ron St. Pierre in, Helen Glover out at WHJJ-AM

  1. St Pierre is professional and much more interesting than the prior show.

    It was embarassing listening to the daily rant on Missing Linc’s schedule. Enuf already.

    Doug was a complete joke. Good move.

    • Agree that Ron St Pierre is a professional. If you choose to replace a pro, you’d better have one to plug in. I entirely disagree that the previous show was uninteresting. On the contrary, it was consistently interesting. Helen and sidekick Doug were very entertaining, and informative, from where I sit (admittedly, probably a smidge to the right of your chair in the audience, I’d wager…) To each his own, I guess.

  2. I will not be listening from 7 to 10 anymore I Oppose Helen Glover leaving WHJJ. Helen was a great voice For the people of Rhode Island I will miss the show.

  3. Hard to say anything bad about Ron St Pierre. He’s like Ward Cleaver. Solid. Trustworthy… potentially a shrewd move by management to try and combat the timeslot down the dial, occupied by arguably the most likable character on the Rhode Island media landscape, Gene Valicenti. However, all that being said, I will most definitely miss Helen Glover. In the ridiculously lopsided political climate of this bluer than buh-lue state, she was a smart and relentless beacon in the fog. The national shows like Beck and Limbaugh are fine, but an in-town, progressive-free talk zone with a local focus was greatly appreciated… Necessary, actually. Too bad the station couldn’t have found a way to use both Helen and Ron. WHJJ needs all the guns in the radio trenches they can get to continue to do battle with their local competition. If St Pierre is the station’s answer to WPRO’s Valicenti in the morning, why not axe lightweight Sean Hannity in the afternoon and turn Helen loose up there? That slot is in need of a competitive horse in the race, as well… and what would be wrong with another local show in the afternoon? There, the competition has arguably the most popular, albeit notorious, political figure in RI history at the helm. Helen would been up to that task. If anybody could go toe to toe with the Mayor for ratings, it would be her. My 2 cents, for what it is worth at this juncture…

  4. PS- I did find it curious to say the least that the station chose to start airing Jeff Charles’ opinion pieces during Helen Glover’s show… which was the audio equivalent of poking her listeners in the eye (or ear) with a stick every now and again. For every half reasonable segment that curmudgeon produces, he produces another that seems shamelessly crafted to kick you right in the jimmies if you are either a conservative, or a Christian. The station could’ve run a wire out of our radios, taped them to our foreheads (or other areas of the anatomy) and given us a low-to-moderate electrical shock during those segments. It would’ve had the same effect. A different point of view is fine, but not when you are purposely seeking to avoid it for a little while by choosing to listen to a conservative show like Helen’s. Just another 2 cents…

  5. WHJJ has lost another morning listener. Sorry, but Ron is very boring. I loved Helen (and Doug). I was so disappointed to find out that Helen is gone. Doesn’t WHJJ care about ratings?

    • I agree Helen was great and looked at things different. She will be missed. I thing they made a BIG MISTAKE in letting Helen go. I do not enjoy Mr. St. Pierre, just another old RI voice that is old and boring. Good luck Helen I will miss ya.

  6. You have lost a couple of listeners in this household. In this totally liberal state, Helen was a breath of fresh air. She told it like like it is and I found that refreshing. Rhode Island is full of “yes men” who all go out of their way to kiss the feet of the current leaders. She was the voice for those of us who don’t feel that way. A BIG mistake on your part. I won’t be listening to your morning show any longer.

  7. Helen will be missed. I kept thinking this monotone liberal was just filling in. I now know he is not. Now we have another Obama apologist on the air. Note to Ron(re your emotional tactless comment on Sept 6): if Obama had the cure for cancer I believe those with traditional conservative values would vote “yes” on that one. I too am looking for something else to listen to.

  8. WHJJ lost another listener, we moved here from Arkansas two years ago, it was great to hear Helen each morning.
    I have to find another station to listen to in the morning.

  9. You lost another die hard listener! I couldn’t wait to turn on the radio and get Helen’s take on governor bobhead’s announcement, and I get this turkey instead. Way to go…right to the bottom!

  10. WHJJ and the ridiculous decision to replace Helen Glover with Ron St.Pierre and has definitely lost many listeners,for Helen’s spot, in this family. She is delightfully well informed on current events and very important political issues. We looked forward to her very intelligent reviews, factual information and past experiences. We well remember why we never listened to Mr. St.Pierre on WPRO – BAD MISTAKE!!!!

  11. I’ve been forcing myself to listen to this boring guy [St.Pierre] thinking perhaps Helen was on vacation. When I heard a caller congratulate St.Pierre on his new show, I knew it was time to start listening to Jeff Kuhner on WRKO 680 (6am-10am). For the life of me, I can’t understand why WHJJ would fire a radio host who had such a strong following and was the only local host who told it like it was. And what are these lame commentaries by Geoff Charles about? I just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. In case you’re interested,
    WRKO’s lineup includes Rush Limbaugh from noon to 3pm followed by Howie Carr (3pm-7pm). Nothing left to listen to in Rhode Island. See ya HJJ.


  12. Absolutely unbelievable! What’s next? The Al Gore hour? The Bill and Hillary Show? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid News Time? Linc Chaffee Cooking hour? Beware Rush and Mark Levin. The roots of Liberal Socialist cancer are spreading fast. God I hate Rhode Island!

  13. I’m sad to hear that Helen Glover is no longer on WHJJ. I enjoyed her show and looked forward to listening on my way to work. After tuning in to Ron St. Pierre for two mornings I’m singing a new song…..Imus in the morning!

  14. I am a contractor, we listen to HJJ every morning. have switched to PRO for some conservative talk. Foolish move getting rid of Helen Glover.

  15. I really enjoy listening to Helen on WHJJ but I have to say I’ve always enjoyed Ron, his sense of humor and knowledge of just about everything.

  16. WHJJ made a serious mistake. I and everyone I know, who were long time listeners, will no longer be listening in the morning and looking for an alternate station to provide the voice of reason in this liberal state of waste.
    Helen, you will be sadly missed. Ron, you are liberal and boring.

  17. RI needed Helen Glover. I no longer listen to your station…very boring with Ron..didn’t listen when he was on the other station. Frankly, he is sneaky…too Las Vegas-magician like. We hope Helen gets another station for her great show. Suzzy.

  18. You have to wonder how a station that fires a 4 time award winner for being too centralized on following bad party politics and pointing out flaws thinks it’s a good move to get rid of this talent when they have the racist bigot druggie Rush Limbaugh on every afternoon for hours spewing the same thing.

  19. For no reasonable reason that could be understood by Helen’s loyal followers, the 4 time AP award winner was fired. She was a beacon of information in the darkness of political mistrust and cronyism. I cannot listen to WHJJ feeling this is somehow a political action to squash the voice of the people.

  20. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Helen. It is amazing that she lasted as long as she id, in this sadly low information state. It is sad commentary on things to come both locally nd nationally. Our prayers fo Helen. She was real class

  21. I too am a loyal Helen Glover fan, she was the sensible honest voice in the cloud of liberal garbage and appeasement coming from the main stream media masses. No more WHJJ for me as of this moment.

  22. Ahrgh!

    The local diversity is now gone. Helen will be missed. I will be moving on to another station but it will not substitute for the sorely needed balance she provided. Too bad. Cant stand luke warm intensity when it comes to outing the truth… will not be forgotten Helen!!.

  23. I thought Helen might’ve been on vacation. How disappointed was I when I found out that the four time award winning talk show host was no longer hosting one of my favorite morning radio shows. I am very disappointed in the decision to release Helen. She would be great in the Sean Hannity spot (as if you want to hear him you can watch him on TV). You have lost a loyal listener. God Bless You Helen….you will be missed.

  24. whjj has got to be the stupidist station of all talk radio. A winner of four awards and having a following as large as Helens! What a big mistake. As you can tell by these comments, whjj, you have lost many loyal listeners, and I hope you lose a lot of advertisers because of your stupid move. What a bunch of dummies!!!

  25. I just learned of Helen Glover being fired. What a shame. She was amazing to listen to and had a great perspective. Mr St Pierre is more of the same old RI point of view. I cannot listen to that time slot anymore

  26. Huge mistake, whjj. You just lost yet another listener. Helen Glover was a great voice & she will be missed. So disappointing & such a stupid move.

  27. New old guy is totaly boring regardless of viewpoint ill listen to rush on a new station can’t support a stupid decition to dump Helen

  28. Im amazed! Why would whjj do this??? Whoever spearheaded this move should be terminated! This is the equivalent to hanging yourself whjj you lost a whole office full of listeners! I hope Helen & Doug are back up and running soon! If I were in charge over at wpro they would already be up and running! Whjj!!!! You should call Helen and beg her to come back with a nice big pay raise! What numb skulls you are! Smartin up! 22 people that listened to your station because Helen Glover was on will not be listening anymore! Dumb move guys!!!!!

  29. Unbelievable! Helen Glover was the best informed up-to-date person on RI radio. Her show was interesting and comprehensive. Good bye WHJJ you are wrong on this. This new guy is boring!

  30. Bad day when I learned of whjj management stupidity. I prayed Helen was only on vacation and the bore in the chair would soon be gone. Guess I’ll be the one going elsewhere. Bad decision to dump Helen.

  31. What else can I say? My sentiments are the same as those previously expressed. One more listener will be turning off early morning radio and listening to an ipod for the morning commute.

  32. Maybe I’m a little slower than the average RI listener, but it took till this morning for me to realize that I was no longer hearing “Ron St.Pierre in for Helen Glover,” but rather “This is Ron St.Pierre.”

    WHJJ, tell me you’re kidding, please. You’ve replaced a a proven award-winner with a guy who who is less interesting than listening to the grass grow! WPRO got rid of him for a reason! And I think that I speak for many of your listeners: we’d love to hear whatever WHJJ’s boneheaded rationale is for canning Helen. Were the local politicos threatening to pull your license?

    I hope you reconsider this really bad move. Otherwise, I can see Cumulus Media beating you up badly soon… As for me, it’s FM for now. Nothing left on talk that’s worth listening to.

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