Ron St. Pierre in, Helen Glover out at WHJJ-AM

By Dan McGowan

Rhode Island Radio Hall of Famer Ron St. Pierre is returning to WHJJ-AM as the new morning show host, has learned.

In a brief Facebook message Tuesday, St. Pierre confirmed that he’ll replace host Helen Glover. The show begins Wednesday morning. He had been filling in for Glover whenever she took a vacation day in recent months after being let go by WPRO in February.

The veteran radio and television broadcaster is known for helping turn WHJJ into a ratings powerhouse when he became its program director in 1982. He later did the same at WPRO before he became a co-host and executive producer of Buddy Cianci’s show in 2007.

St. Pierre was inducted into the state’s Radio Hall of Fame in 2010.

Glover, a Portsmouth resident who was a contestant on “Survivor: Thailand” in 2002, began hosting the morning show on WHJJ in September 2005. She won the Associated Press award for best talk show four times.

WHJJ is owned by Clear Channel Communications. WPRO is owned by Cumulus Media.

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  • Mark

    whjj has got to be the stupidist station of all talk radio. A winner of four awards and having a following as large as Helens! What a big mistake. As you can tell by these comments, whjj, you have lost many loyal listeners, and I hope you lose a lot of advertisers because of your stupid move. What a bunch of dummies!!!

  • carlyml

    I just learned of Helen Glover being fired. What a shame. She was amazing to listen to and had a great perspective. Mr St Pierre is more of the same old RI point of view. I cannot listen to that time slot anymore

  • Christine D

    Huge mistake, whjj. You just lost yet another listener. Helen Glover was a great voice & she will be missed. So disappointing & such a stupid move.

  • Elizabeth B.

    New old guy is totaly boring regardless of viewpoint ill listen to rush on a new station can’t support a stupid decition to dump Helen

  • john

    Im amazed! Why would whjj do this??? Whoever spearheaded this move should be terminated! This is the equivalent to hanging yourself whjj you lost a whole office full of listeners! I hope Helen & Doug are back up and running soon! If I were in charge over at wpro they would already be up and running! Whjj!!!! You should call Helen and beg her to come back with a nice big pay raise! What numb skulls you are! Smartin up! 22 people that listened to your station because Helen Glover was on will not be listening anymore! Dumb move guys!!!!!

  • Pat Presnall

    Unbelievable! Helen Glover was the best informed up-to-date person on RI radio. Her show was interesting and comprehensive. Good bye WHJJ you are wrong on this. This new guy is boring!

  • barry clarke

    Bad day when I learned of whjj management stupidity. I prayed Helen was only on vacation and the bore in the chair would soon be gone. Guess I’ll be the one going elsewhere. Bad decision to dump Helen.

  • Karen Lynch

    What else can I say? My sentiments are the same as those previously expressed. One more listener will be turning off early morning radio and listening to an ipod for the morning commute.

  • Lou

    Maybe I’m a little slower than the average RI listener, but it took till this morning for me to realize that I was no longer hearing “Ron St.Pierre in for Helen Glover,” but rather “This is Ron St.Pierre.”

    WHJJ, tell me you’re kidding, please. You’ve replaced a a proven award-winner with a guy who who is less interesting than listening to the grass grow! WPRO got rid of him for a reason! And I think that I speak for many of your listeners: we’d love to hear whatever WHJJ’s boneheaded rationale is for canning Helen. Were the local politicos threatening to pull your license?

    I hope you reconsider this really bad move. Otherwise, I can see Cumulus Media beating you up badly soon… As for me, it’s FM for now. Nothing left on talk that’s worth listening to.

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