Wall Street Journal editorial praises ‘Chafee’s graceful exit’

The Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial page – and particularly Allysia Finley, one of its writers, who keeps an eye on Rhode Island – hasn’t always been a big fan of Lincoln Chafee. But Finley paid Chafee a compliment, if a somewhat backhanded one, in a new editorial about his decision not to run next year:

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s announcement Wednesday that he would not seek re-election next year exhibited his hallmark pragmatism: With an approval rating stuck in the mid 20s, he faced a bruising primary against two well-funded, popular Democrats. Yet by hanging up his hat, he also evinced a modicum of humility and self-awareness that’s become all too rare in politics. …

It took some courage for the governor to admit that election politics were impeding his focus and judgement, and likely even more so to admit to himself that he stood little chance of winning. Other governors in similar binds (e.g., Illinois’s Pat Quinn) ought to take note.

Read the rest here.

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6 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal editorial praises ‘Chafee’s graceful exit’

  1. Compare the with the uncouth hatchet job the BeloJo took to Linc the day after his announcement and you get sense of the new thug mentality on the “Fourth Floor”

  2. We all realize he had little chance of winning, however why is Wall Street having anything to say about “Little ole Rhode Island.” I can only conclude that they are happy that this clears the way for Gina Raimondo to run and possibly win and Wall Street has been making oodles of money on Rhode Island with Gina’s hedge fund choices with the Rhode Island State Pension Fund.Now let me get this straight: Gina made out because she looks like a heroine, gets inside info to make personal monies, the hedge fund people are riding high in money because of her and us…the taxpayers. The pension fund is costing us more with no more of a REAL increase for the fund. tHE TAXPAYERS AREN’T ANY BETTER OFF…THEY LOSE, AND THE RETIREES WHO LOST THEIR COLA ARE WORSE OFF. mATTER OF FACT EVEN SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS GET A COLA EVERY YEAR.iF THE NEGOTIATION SUCCEEDS INVOLVING THE LAWSUIT, IT WILL BE JUST TO APPEASE THE UNIONS. iT SHOULD HAVE GONE BEFORE THE COURTS BECAUSE THE UNIONS ARE DEAD RIGHT. Fellow Rhode Islanders, THE TAXPAYERS AND THE RETIREES IN THE PENSION SYSTEM HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. Welcome to the world of the dirty politics of RI.Will we ever change the climate of RI, if we continue to keep the same people in politics? Will we ever learn? No, not as a one party state!

  3. There is NOTHING graceful about Chafee… The Biggest COWARD RI has ever had in office! His father must be rolling in his grave watching what this guy has done to the state!

  4. The state was much worse off by almost every measure under Carcieri, who left office with 12 percent unemployment and the 38 Studios fiasco.

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