Raimondo removing ‘for RI Treasurer’ from her Facebook page

Here’s another tea leaf for you to read.

Facebook users who’ve “liked” the Gina Raimondo for RI Treasurer page received the following notification tonight:


Basically, the message says Raimondo’s campaign Facebook page will remove the “for RI Treasurer” slogan from its headline on Sept. 23. As it happens, that’s just a few days before the treasurer’s much-anticipated women-focused fundraiser, where it’s possible she could reveal more about her future plans.

Raimondo’s Facebook tweak comes the same day Cranston Mayor Allan Fung formed an exploratory committee studded with Republican luminaries to signal his seriousness about seeking the governor’s office.

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  • anti Raimondo BIG TIME!

    Can we “remove” her and keep the facebook page instead? Ms Arrogant Cook the books, Liar engage ri former pal, Raimondo needs to go…

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