Taveras campaign stands by poll giving him 19-point lead

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras isn’t backing down in the battle of the pollsters.

Hours after Brown University released a survey showing Taveras trailing Treasurer Gina Raimondo in a possible Democratic primary for governor, Taveras campaign aide Peter Baptista said his team stands by its Garin-Hart-Yang Research survey findings from last month giving Taveras a sizable advantage.

“We stand by the poll we released,” Baptista told WPRI.com. “The methodology is solid, and Mayor Taveras is focused on delivering for working people in Rhode Island.”

The Taveras campaign only released a memo summarizing its internal poll instead of the full results, but pollster Frederick Yang said his primary sample was 60% Democrats and 40% independents. By comparison, Brown’s primary sample was made up of only 40% Democrats and 46% independents.

Baptisa hinted that Taveras is getting closer to making a formal announcement about his candidacy for governor. “He will announce his decision in weeks, not months,” Baptista said.

Raimondo spokeswoman Joy Fox didn’t join the fray. “The treasurer’s office will not comment on polls,” Fox told WPRI.com. “We will continue to concentrate on our work in Treasury, and deliver results for Rhode Islanders.”

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4 thoughts on “Taveras campaign stands by poll giving him 19-point lead

  1. The real question is if Garin-Hart-Yang adjusted its sample to create the 60-40 split, or that was the result it found right out of the data. You can discount the Brown results all you want, but those reults were sample-dependent, not a result of a PPP-style thumb on the scale.

  2. he is horrible as a mayor never mind a governor.. she is not much better. they are out for themselves.. what a joke Tavares is ,, he goes after the teachers and now he wants their support.. yeah ok , go on another easter egg hunt with your family in DC on the tax payers dollars.. An easter egg hunt what a damn joke !!!

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