Taveras asks Raimondo, others to sign pledge to curb outside spending

By Dan McGowan

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – He hasn’t formally declared his intention to run for governor, but Providence Mayor Angel Taveras is already trying to set the rules for the race.

The first-term Democrat on Wednesday asked any Democrat mulling a run for the state’s top job to sign a “People’s Pledge” to limit spending by Super PACs and other out-of-state groups during the 2014 election season, a practice that gained notoriety following a Supreme Court decision that opened the door to unlimited campaign spending by outside groups.

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3 thoughts on “Taveras asks Raimondo, others to sign pledge to curb outside spending

  1. Who is Tavares to set the conditions? He is most likely the union candidate. What none of that money will come from out of State?

  2. It’s interesting that when the subject of big out of state money coming into local elections comes up the Raimondo defenders are quick to change the subject. For good reason. The amount of money raised by Raimondo from out of state billionaires dwarfs the total money raised by all the other candidates combined. The right wing picks and chooses who to support across the country. Interestingly, their agenda is to totally eliminate defined benefit retirement plans. Who benefits from that? Wall Street. Hedge funds.
    Raimondo is their tool. Any working class or middle class person who thinks he or she will benefit from their agenda is deluding themselves. Next on their agenda will be Social Security. Unfortunately, Obama has played right into their hands with his chained CPI COLA proposal. The same people who support raimondo and think the Social Security COLA needs to be chained will be the victims of such a change . Rather than raise the level of income upon which social security tax is applied to one or two million dollars , these actions hurt lower income individuals disproportionately. People earning 100, 000- 120,000 dollars will pay social security tax on 100 per cent of their income while someone earning 10 or 20 or more times that income will pay lax on less than 10 per cent of their income.

  3. John,
    1. You should understand that wall street has been managing pension funds and making billions of dollars for a long time. This will continue whether hedge funds are included in managing the funds or not.
    2. Whether pensions are defined benefit or defined contribution, wall street will still make a fee. Even if it is a low fee index fund, somebody is getting paid.
    3. The end of defined benefit pensions has to happen because it is the vehicle used by politicians and unions to hide the true giveaway of tax dollars and the great fleecing of the American working class. A defined contribution system will give clarity and honesty to the true costs of the services or cities provide. It will eliminate the ruination of future generations. Our retirement safety was stolen by the politicians of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. Only the pending collapse of the state and towns brought about action.
    4. The average social security pensioner will only roughly receive $1 for every $1 they put in. The people that max out for an extended time will never even get close to seeing the money they put in. Yes, once again the high wage earners are subsidizing the low wage earners.
    5. Many public union workers aren’t in social security at all. We all should be in it, or we all should be out of it. A government program (social security) that some government employees aren’t a part of seems wrong.
    6. Hope you understand things a little better now.

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