14th briefing held on pension talks as settlement rumors swirl

There’s no pension settlement – yet.

The judge overseeing a union lawsuit challenging Rhode Island’s 2011 pension overhaul got another progress report Friday about the status of the two sides’ court-ordered mediation talks, as rumors swirl that they are close to announcing a settlement agreement which would avoid a trial.

Officials involved in the talks met this morning with R.I. Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft-Carter, court spokesman Craig Berke said. Taft-Carter ordered the state and the unions into a formal, closed-door mediation process overseen by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in December 2012.

Berke said Taft-Carter scheduled the next status conference for Friday, Jan. 17 at 9 a.m. at Kent County’s court.

The meeting came a day after House Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello, D-Cranston, said during an interview on WPRI 12’s Newsmakers that it’s possible state lawmakers – who aren’t part of the pension talks but still need to approve any deal – could simply ignore a settlement proposal entirely.

Friday’s status conference was the 14th one the two sides have held since last winter and the second one held this week. The previous ones were on Jan. 6, Dec. 9, Nov. 21, Nov. 12, Oct. 28, Sept. 30, Sept. 5, Aug. 6, May 17, April 22, March 25, Feb. 28 and Feb. 1.

4 thoughts on “14th briefing held on pension talks as settlement rumors swirl

  1. This is free political campaigning for Mattiello and OTHERS. He doesn’t care. He and OTHERS in the state house got their 3% cost of living increase and will continue to get it. I might mention this was after they took it away from us. Hypocrites! The “State House” needs to be “swept out.” We, the taxpayers, all get tired of the lies, deceit, incompetence, and “political gaming” that goes on there and it is just an insult to our intelligence.
    As fat as mediation goes, the unions and the state are sleeping in the same bed. The only thing we can hope for as an outcome from these mediations is that they both leave that bed happy and satisfied.

  2. I still cannot believe that this type of legalized theft was enabled and made into a law. The politics in Rhode Island could not be anymore corrupt and scandalous. The tax payers whose pensions Raimondo legally robbed pay a considerable amount into their pensions and it is mandatory. For some, no other option was available. Now that it comes time to collect, they deny what is rightfully ours. If it is not a binding contract as the state attests, then GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK and I will invest it elsewhere where people honor the contracts they sign. My next step is to file a law suit against the state for ALL the money I have contributed if it is deemed anything other than a binding contract. For those who are young and have not invested in this state, GET OUT WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME AND BUILD A FUTURE IN A STATE WHERE THE POLITICIANS AREN’T AS DISHONORABLE!!!!

    • Carla, I couldn’t agree more. The government forces the great majority of people into a retirement plan and then changes the rules after people paid into it their whole lives. It’s called social security and it only returns o
      One dollar for every dollar contributed.

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