Watch Newsmakers: Reps. Nicholas Mattiello, Brian Newberry

  • polly tickes

    Such an arrogant man. Fox has done a good job he says! What a lie that is! The economy of RI is in toilet, we are still high in unemployment, business don’t want to come here, 38 studios, etc, but fox has done a good job! And the idiotic person on Newsmakers who is interviewing Mattiello does not even challenge him. They are a joke . And Fox’s dog, Mattiello get free publicity as he seeks to replace Fox as Speaker (when Mr or is it Mrs?)Fox decides to leave the Gen ASSembly. Did you see his answers on the show? “I will take a comprehensive look at both sides of the issue”…said this to every question Tim White asked,like a broken record, from the 10 cent placement Sakonnet bridge toll to whether or not we should pay back the $12 million to investors of 38 a broken record…If this hypocrite liar becomes the next speaker, we are doomed!

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