Watch: The 5 charts you need to see to get RI’s jobs crisis

Rhode Island’s latest jobs report was released Thursday, and the numbers were ugly: unemployment ticked up to 9.1% in December and the labor force shrank again; in addition, 1,500 jobs were lost. It’s possible some of the numbers will be revised in a more positive direction, but the recovery is clearly disappointing.

Shortly before the new numbers came out, we taped a segment for next weekend’s Executive Suite where I break down why Rhode Island’s employment situation is so discouraging. Since the topic is timely, I thought I’d share it now. Watch and leave your reaction:

4 thoughts on “Watch: The 5 charts you need to see to get RI’s jobs crisis

  1. banning assault weapons will fix this right up.
    seriously, right to work, banning public unions and lowering taxes is only solution.

  2. There’s no doubting the numbers, that’s for sure. But since this piece is basically smell-testing the Gov’s SOTS, I think it would have been fair of you to indicate on all these charts when Chafee took over.

    Of all the charts, I think the juice is in the comparison with MA. It’s really stunning and could be an entire discussion in itself.

    – We entered recession 5 quarters before MA. Why?
    – Our net loss was a little less than double their. Why?
    – Their pace of recovery looks roughly twice as steep as ours. Why?

    I was just parsing the Politico state of the states rankings and was surprised to see RI 45th in home ownership. I’ll admit it’s sketchy to indicate a causality, but is it possible that the mid-2000s spike in jobs was that RI went a little insane in the real estate boom? I think the losses in construction jobs will show there’s something to that thinking.

    Put another way, it’s unlikely that RI – like Nevada which shares our fate – will recover back to those levels because they were essentially bubble driven.

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