Pell, senator’s grandson and Kwan’s husband, running for gov

By David Klepper

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island’s already contentious race for governor is about to get a lot more complicated with the entry of Clay Pell, the grandson of the late U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell and the husband of Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan.

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5 thoughts on “Pell, senator’s grandson and Kwan’s husband, running for gov

  1. No qualifications save for his last name. Wow, he summered in RI didn’t own a house here till 2008 but he’s been voting here since 2004? That’s quite a trick since he didn’t reside here till 2008. What did he do mail in ballots from where he ACTUALLY resided?

    Michelle Kwan isn’t running for Governor so why is her name in the article title?

    • He’s certainly qualified a lot more than “the community organizer” plus he has military experience something obama lacks. The last name is a good one helping the disadvantaged afford an education. What does your name stand for? Kwan would make an excellent 1st lady. Go Michelle! She’s done so well and will do more!

  2. Embarrassing to have him run. Must think RI’ers are a bunch of morons.
    Think if he was in NH or Texas he would have the gall to run with his empty resume? He would get laughed right off the stage.

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