RI pension settlement news conference abruptly canceled

By Tim White

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A much-anticipated news conference scheduled for Wednesday to outline details of a proposed settlement in the state pension reform fight has been abruptly canceled, according to an email from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

“I will acknowledge that we were all expecting big news today,” Treasurer Gina Raimondo said Wednesday morning at the start of a meeting of the State Retirement Board, which was scheduled to consider – and possibly approve – the proposed settlement as part of its agenda. “There won’t be big news today.”

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After the jump, read Raimondo’s full – brief – comments at the start of the hearing.

So, I will acknowledged that we were all expecting big news today – hence all our visitors; happy to have you. There won’t be big news today. We are still in the process of working out the details of our mediation. We worked late into the night and were not completed.

Quite frankly, this is too important to rush. We have to get it right. We have to protect the interests of all the people of Rhode Island and the people in the pension system. So when we know more we’ll provide more updates.

The press conference for this afternoon has been postponed, and the mediators will apprise us when it’s appropriate to continue with the process.

In the meantime, we’re going to continue to work cooperatively and, as I say, make sure that we get this right for the people of Rhode Island. So, sorry to disappoint, but that’s what I have to report, and as you see we’re going to continue to go through the rest of the agenda, and there’s certain legal issues we will cover in executive session. But that’s what I’m allowed to say pursuant to the court’s confidential order in this open session.

2 thoughts on “RI pension settlement news conference abruptly canceled

  1. Now why do you think? The big boy Politicians like Chafee and Fox looked at the proposal and said no way. If I were the Unions, I would take it right to the Supreme Courts. Funny how no one mentions the hefty raises (15% and 11%) that were handed out the other day to the worker’s at the State House. One salary went from $90,000 to $122,000. The rank and file workers can’t even get a 2% increase, and these clowns are getting 11% and 15% increases. Really? It’s amazing how that gets no press and gets pushed under the rug. Pretty sad!!!

    • So what do we do about these State House thugs who give themselves raises during high unemployment, poor economy, struggling (according to them) pension system while handing out hundreds of millions yearly (in the name of tax breaks) to corporate America? It barely makes news, the media all but ignores it (because they are corporate america) and the increases just slip under the radar. Damn greedy undeserving labor force (not a force any longer). IN ten years there will be no one left but the welfare recipients, good luck trying to keep them fed and housed without tax payers. I know I will be taking my pension (what’s left of it after these idiots work their magic) to a pension friendly retiree friendly state (or country).

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