Steve Jobs’ widow to co-host Raimondo fundraiser in Calif.

Treasurer Gina Raimondo’s gubernatorial campaign is getting support from Silicon Valley royalty.

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, will co-host a fundraiser for Raimondo on March 25 in Palo Alto, Calif., along with SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg, who is married to Facebook executive and “Lean In” author Sheryl Sandberg, and David Crane, a former advisor to Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who has backed changes to public pensions in the Golden State.

“Gina represents a dynamic new generation of Democratic leaders – she helped usher in progress for Rhode Island by adhering to key principles that have steadily guided her career: creativity, tenaciousness, and listening well,” the invitation, obtained by, states. Suggested contributions are $250 to $1,000.

The Raimondo event is part of an Election Speaker Series organized by Emerson Collective, a nonprofit founded by Powell Jobs, according to the invitation. Powell Jobs gave a maximum $1,000 donation to the treasurer’s campaign last September, while Crane has given Raimondo $2,000 since 2012 and Goldberg has given her $1,000, according to R.I. Board of Elections records.

Raimondo’s campaign confirmed the event but declined to say how long the treasurer will be in California or whether she will hold other events while she’s on the West Coast.

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15 thoughts on “Steve Jobs’ widow to co-host Raimondo fundraiser in Calif.

  1. Teacher’s make good money, much more than the average hard working middle class person. You should pay mother’s as much- hell they do more work. I would like to go to my job, get paid a public pension when I retire, benefits galore, than complain about the person who saved your pensions from going bankrupt. I am sick and tired of your unions distorting the truth. I will support Ms. Raimondo.

    • You want a hand out for just being a mother? Try being a teacher and a mother – as most teachers are. Also try putting 9.75% of your money away for 30 years as teachers are forced to do – and then have that benefit taken away from you.

      • Rlewis…couldn’t have said it better and don’t forget the cost of our education and the continuing education we have to get. The people who are clueless think we should be paid minimum wage as they are or would be, as high school graduates or dropouts.

  2. Who cares what Steve Jobs’ widow does. She’s probably as wacky as her deceased husband was. The idle rich always seem to find a way to extend their tentacles into areas they have no real insight.

  3. If Raimondo is running for office here, what the heck is she doing in California for a fundraiser. I’ll tell you that there are many outside the Rhode island area who support Raimondo with $$$$. Why, I ask. It has to be her entanglement with Wall Street and these money people. If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. The question is …Is raimondo for Rhode Islanders or for the Wall Street gang and the money people? Where is she going to get her biggest return fr political advancement and personal gain?

  4. Raimondo is all about he Wall Street buddies and power to rig the system for them. They salivate for pension funds.

    And how come the state’s plundering the pension funds to balance the budget never came to light nor the years the state did not put in their share? NO, THE GREEDY TEACHERS WERE TO BLAME. Well we teachers showed up every day, taught the children and paid our share into the pension fund…year after year after year.

    May the rich rot in h#%@.

  5. Pardon me while I throw up! Can’t they see this woman for what she is? No, they live in California and are billionaires. What percentage of Raimondo’s campaign money is from out-of-state donors?

  6. Some of the supporters of Raimondo: Bloomberg— billionaire from New York
    Arnold’s—–billionaires from Texas
    Job’s widow—-billionaire from California

    How many more billionaires are waiting in the wings on Wall Street? Altruism? Really. Why the out of state interest? These people care about a state they don’t live in or have any direct interest in? If something doesn’t seem right, buyer beware. Voter beware!!!

  7. Frankly, I doubt if rich people give away money for no reason. So the question is … What are these rich people in California expecting to get from Raimondo in return for their campaign support.

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