Taveras proposes new job-training program at CCRI

By Ted Nesi

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras on Tuesday put forward a proposal to have the Community College of Rhode Island offer up to 2,000 Rhode Islanders specialized job training tailored to the needs of individual companies.

Gina Raimondo quickly dismissed the Taveras plan as just “baby steps,” which led the Taveras campaign to accuse the treasurer of “trying to score cheap political points.” Republican Ken Block, meanwhile, said both Democrats want “more big government business as usual.”

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2 thoughts on “Taveras proposes new job-training program at CCRI

  1. The “skills gap” is a nonsense term created for political purposes, like the “pay gap” and “income inequality.” The fact is that employers never even get to the point of discovering the skills of the long-term unemployed because their applications are excluded long before it gets to that point.

    That’s not to say that Taveras plan wouldn’t work, but the bulk of the money would be going to providing the training that is rightfully the employer’s responsibility. The actual effective part of the plan is the cheap part; proving to would-be employers evidence that prospective employees are capable of showing up on time, working hard, behaving themselves, etc. — things that a work history normally provides but long-term unemployed are incapable of manufacturing on their own.

    The good part can easily be excised from the bad if anyone wants to try this out without wasting money; simply create a 6-month (or something) internship program (not paying them is actually really important in making this work) for the long-term unemployed, and maintain rigorous standards in regard to behavior, punctuality, drugs, etc. That way, at the end of the program, the worker has something of value to put on a resume. It’s just like money laundering, really, just with people (I like to use analogies that the GA can understand).

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