Slick Morning Commute

Slick morning commute! Please use extra caution.

Temperatures took an impressive nose dive overnight….one of the largest temperature drops I’ve ever seen.  Just before midnight, we were in the 50s and as of 6am it was 25°…a 27° temperature drop in 7 hours.  Amazing.  


Yesterday, we picked up 0.50 – 0.75″ of rain across Southern New England, and it was still raining as laste as 3am before the snow showers took over.  So, with all the moisture on the roads and plummeting temperatures, black ice will be an issue on untreated surfaces.  The highways have been treated well, but they are wet.  Side streets and your front steps could be treacherous.  Please drive/walk with extra caution.

To make things a little worse, we have some light snow falling across the area.  You can see on the Live Pinpoint Doppler 12 Radar snapshot at 6:17am (below) that we have bands of snow oriented northeast to southeast.  These bands will slowly exit the region through the morning….mostly done by noon.  However, a coating to an inch of snow is possible in spots. 

Live Pinpoint Doppler 12: 7-Day Futurecast | Closings and Delays | Flight Tracker


The rest of the day will be bitterly cold with northwest winds gusting to 35mph and wind chills dipping into the single digits at times.  Bundle up!



-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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